Makati Dental Center

Makati Dental Center

Having a beaming smile can dramatically improve your appearance, give you more self-confidence, and make more professional opportunities knock on your door. That is why our highly experienced medical team at Makati Dental Clinic,located at the core of Makati City, is doing its best to provide its patients with the most up to date treatments and services on the international scale .

Our compassionate medical staff understands your desire to maintain a healthy oral hygiene....

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Makati Dental Center
Philippines Travel Tips
  • Language: English and Filipino
  • Currency: Philippine peso (PHP)
  • Climate: Average Daily Temp 78 F (25°C) to 90 F (32°C)
  • Capital: Manila
  • Major Airport(s): Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)
  • Electricity: 220V 60Hz (Baguio 110V)
  • Time Zone: UTC +8
  • What to See

    The Philippines is prominent for its mesmerizing isles and beaches. It comprises over 7 107 isle that provide the best spots for a plethora of fun activities like scuba diving, kitesurfing, canyoning, or simply sunbathing under the beaming sun. 

    What to Savor

    The Filipino dishes are diverse and appetizing. The culinary Filipino tradition has been influenced by various cultures like the Chinese, the Malaysian, the Spanish and the American. The Adobo is a typical Filipino dish that consists of meat spiced with garlic, pepper, vinegar, and browned in the oven. For Sea food lovers, the Camaron Rebosado sounds a very intriguing choice. This mouth-watering dish comprises deep fried battered shrimps. 

    Where to Stay

    Diverse hotel choices can be easily accessed in Phillipines to give you the serenity you need at a reasonable cost. Sangat Island Dive Resort is an empyreal place for you to unwind. The services offered are of a high quality. It is the perfect place for people who admire the crude natural landscapes.  

    Frendz Resort Boracay is a very friendly place, situated on the beach and near many bars. It is the ideal spot for young people and friends to enjoy their time. Rooms are very clean and the staff is very welcoming. 


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