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Hair Transplant Philippines

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Nuhart Hair Restoration Makati City / Philippines
Nuhart Hair Restoration

Nu/Hart’s goal is to provide the world’s finest service and quality care to our clients, produce the ultimate natural results, meet the expectations of our clients, and make the world’s best hair transplant service and results available at an affordable price.

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Hair Transplant Philippines

Mohamed Taki | Medical Research Editor and Travel Expert
Hair Transplant Philippines

Thinning and balding occurs in men and women, young and old. The effects of hair loss can make sufferers lose self-confidence and can cause embarrassment.  

Hair transplant surgery in Philippines has undergone comprehensive refinement of methods over recent years, producing faster, fuller and more natural results.  

Philippines hair restoration centers combine follicular unit extraction FUE and follicular unit transplant FUT to maximize hair density and for undetectable outcome.

The Philippines is one of the most established destinations for hair transplantation offering tailor-made treatments and recommendations for the best hair restoration solution that suits your needs and appearance goals.     

Having satisfied hair loss patients proves that Philippines is a leader in hair transplantation destinations.

The budget-friendly country attract medical tourists from throughout Asia and beyond with its blissful beaches and laid-back atmosphere.

Hair Transplant Treatments in Philippines

Follicular Unit Extraction Philippines

Follicular unit extraction in Philippines is a modern hair transplantation method refers to extracting grafts individually from the scalp. FUE eliminates the need for a linear incision infamous with follicular unit transplant.

Follicular Unit Transplantation Philippines

Using Follicular unit transplantation in Philippines allows hair transplant doctors to extract 1-4 units and transfer them to the areas of balding site. This technique transfers the maximum amount of hair and helps mimic a totally natural looking appearance.

Sights to See in Philippines

With many beaches, gleaming megamalls and riveting nightlife; the Philippines is a must-take trip for tourism and hair transplantation.

Rizal Park is a 130-acre park located in the heart downtown of Manila. The park is reminiscent of the Spanish rule; but today it is named after Jose Rizal, the Philippines national hero responsible for ending the colonial era. Rizal Park provides a great respite from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Philippines

The overall cost of hair transplants in the Philippines is exceedingly affordable for the average medical tourist. Patients traveling for hair transplantation in Philippines will be able to save up to 70 percent on their hair restoration.

The comparatively lower cost of living in the Philippines, cheaper overhead cost provide patients with the perfect proposition to enjoy a budget-friendly hair transplantation procedure.  

    Hair Transplant Destinations

  • Manila

    Hair Transplant Manila

    Hair transplant Manila attracts a growing number of hair transplant patients from India, Malaysia and Australia. The high-technology equipments used in hair transplant Manila clinics as well as doctor’s recognized accreditations make Manila the cornerstone of hair transplantation Philippines.  

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Philippines Travel Tips

Language: English and Filipino
Currency: Philippine peso (PHP)
Climate: Average Daily Temp 78 F (25°C) to 90 F (32°C)
Capital: Manila
Major Airport(s): Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)
Electricity: 220V 60Hz (Baguio 110V)
Time Zone: UTC +8
Calling Code: 63

Last updated on May 22nd, 2013