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Hair Transplantation  in Sousse
ابدا بشكري للدكتور الهادي بالعجوزه لحسن استقباله لضيوفه و التعاون معهم واسلوبه الرائع جدا . في الحقيقه زراعة الشعر ليس بالامر الصعب لكن يبقى ليس هينا ايضا ... لكن مع الدكتور بالعجوزه و مساعده السيد بدر كانت تجربه رائعة جدا ...
August 2016
تجربتي مع الدكتور الهادي بالعجوزة كانت رائعة جدا من حيث التنظيم و خبرته الكبيرة في مجال زراعة الشعر في تونس وايضاً تفانيه في العمل وتبسيط كل الأمور وتوضيحها بشكل مفصل وكذا الأخلاق العالية وروح الفكاهة التي يتمتع بها و كذلك اشكر كل الإطار الفني العامل معه، ما شاء الله عليهم...
February 2015
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Dr. Hedi Belajouza Verified

Dr. Hedi Belajouza is recognized for his artistic brilliance, stunning natural results and minimally invasive hair transplant techniques. His practice is based in one Tunisia's liveliest and most breathtaking cities — Sousse.

Hair Transplantation Tunisia

Americans, Canadians and Europeans seeking hair loss treatment procedures no longer have to worry about exaggerated costs, limited or no health insurance coverage and long waiting lines. The current condition of medical care in developed countries has paved the way for medical tourism abroad.

Highly qualified doctors and hair transplant surgeons in Tunisia, who have been educated in some of the top universities in America and elsewhere, hold clinical positions at state-of-the-art medical facilities that cater mainly to medical tourists. Tunisia´s medical institutions utilize the newest medical technology and are run by some of the most skilled and qualified medical professionals.

Hair Transplant Treatments in Tunisia

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) in Tunisia is about a professional and life changing experience for patients while enjoying their stay in Tunisia.

FUT in Tunisia:
Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a technique that is used when the need for donor grafts is high, and is recommended if the patient has a long hairstyle. The procedure involves a thin strip of scalp tissue removed from ear to ear.

The follicular grafts are transplanted from this strip into the recipient area. Transplantation in follicular units allows the transplanted hair to appear completely natural after surgery, and with the FUT technique, doctors are able to transplant larger amounts of hair than with the Follicular Unit Extraction method.

Sights to See in Tunisia

The smallest country in Africa, Tunisia, beholds the largest array of beauty and delicious mélange of French, North African, Middle Eastern and Turkish culture.

Gorgeous beaches intersperse Tunisia’s Mediterranean coast. In the south lie the undulating Sahara, while in the north positions bravura mountains; central Tunisia is rich in fruit trees, olive groves and vineyards.

Get amusingly lost in the whitewashed medina of the holy city of Kairouan, where there are more than 50 mosques. The Great Mosque of Sidi Oqba in the medina’s northeast corner is North Africa’s oldest mosque and holiest site.

Wander around the momentous remains of the UNESCO-listed Kerkouane, the best unspoiled Punic site. The ruins lie on a beautiful, remote stretch of coast.

Find your way to Tunis’ Zitouna Mosque and explore the peaceful expanse of culture in the midst of medina’s wild markets.