Coronary Angiography in Turkey

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Coronary Angiography  in Turkey
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ROMOY Healthcare - Cardiology Unit Verified

ROMOY Cardiology Unit promotes medical innovation and provides leadership for its cutting edge technology. The team delivers outstanding healthcare with compassion and respect, to promote wellness throughout the communities, and to advance the field of medicine around the world through education and research.

July 2015
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Memorial Hospitals Group - Heart Surgery Center Verified

The Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Department of the Memorial Hospital is at the patients’ service with its internationally renowned specialists teams.

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Memorial Hizmet Hospital - Heart Surgery Center Verified

The departments for Interventional Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery combine professional expertise in Angiography, Radiology and Cardiovascular Surgery.

What is Coronary Angiography?

Coronary angiography is a test used to visually display the insides of your arteries. During the coronary angiography procedure dye and x-rays are used to show the arteries that supply blood to your heart and any signs of coronary heart disease (CHD).


Plaque build-up can be found on the inside walls of the coronary arteries, ultimately causing the arteries to narrow. This is referred to as coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease.


Coronary heart disease can prevent blood from flowing to your heart and can lead to angina, also known as chest pain/chest discomfort.