Embryo Adoption And Donation in India

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Embryo Adoption And Donation  in India
This is the best place I have ever experienced. No one here beats around the bush, costs etc are upfront, Doctors and staff responsive and helpful, ambiance and privacy are well maintained and all in all one is well looked after. I would recommend this clinic to all my friends
February 2014
Hello. We are an hetero couple from Madrid, Spain. My husband and me were parents in 2010. We did the process in Rotunda Clinic, Mumbai. Our baby born in July 2010, and for us all the process was easy and we're very grateful to all Rotunda's staff. In our case, we needed egg donation and a surrogate. Actually, we have embryos freezing in the Clinic and we want to do another attempt for to have our second baby. If you ask me if we recommend Rotunda Clinic, our honest response is yes. Good people, good doctors, and the most important, finally we are parents.
February 2013
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Rotunda – The Center For Human Reproduction Verified

Rotunda – The Center For Human Reproduction is located in Bandra, Mumbai. As the leading fertility clinic in Mumbai, our team offers a comprehensive range of fertility services under one roof. We are renowned for our innovation, integrity, medical and technical excellence, personalized service, and consistent willingness to accept patients facing the most difficult medical challenges.

The clinic as a whole is great with very competent doctors. I was followed by the doctor bajaj who is very competent, available and open. It really puts patients at ease. By cons the service of welcome is to review because somte agents are unpleasant with foreign patients especially if they are black. Moreover, they do not respect the hour of the appointment whereas a translator is paid per hour. Our translator who was nice was disappointed by the behavior of some agents of the reception. Fortunately the doctor was doing his best so that we would be well treated and served. Even though my first experience did not work, I would retry experience with them to realize my dream. I recommend this clinic to other women who are in the case that I do. I hope that, on my next attempt, the welcome will improve his behavior towards foreigners.
May 2017
I could not suggest any better clinic other than International Fertility Centre. After experiencing IVF failure and miscarriage, I thought I could never have my own child. But IFC and especially, Dr. Rita Bakshi proved me wrong. Thank you for the greatest gift of motherhood.
April 2017
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IFC Embryo Health Center Verified

International fertility centre (IFC) is one of the most advanced IVF clinics in India, providing an international level of assisted reproductive treatments with the state-of-art facility at an affordable cost to allow childless couples realize their dream of having a baby.

After many unsuccessful attempts in Australia, we found Dr Nayana Patel. What an amazing and gifted woman. We started our 1st cycle in September 2011 and in October we got confirmation that we were pregnant. We welcomed our gorgeous son into the world in May 2012. The staff and clinic are amazing and supported us throughout the whole process. We had an amazing experience and would recommend Akanksha Fertility Clinic to everyone wanting a baby with no success. You will not find a better doctor, clinic, staff or service anywhere else. Do your self a favour and go through Akanksha Fertility Clinic you will not be dissapointed.
July 2016
Unhappy for us the pregnant was not happen , but we will try again,
September 2015
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Akanksha Infertility Clinic Verified

The Akanksha Infertility Clinic in Anand, Gujarat, India, has extensive experience helping international patients establish successful pregnancies, at very low costs. The clinic has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN and BBC news.

Embryo Adoption And Donation in India

IVF with embryo donation in India provides prospective parents who need egg and sperm donation the chance of having children. Donors are screened thoroughly to ensure that they match the prospective parents.

Patients can be prepared by their doctors at home and then travel for IVF India to receive their treatment.

IVF with embryo donation India can also be done with Caucasian donors upon request. To obtain more information on IVF with embryo donation in India you can contact the clinics directly.



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Snorkel in the Andaman Islands, a lush array of exotic plant life and a wide variety of corals and tropical fish.

Lay your head down at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai, the largest multi-dimensional complex in South Asia. The hotel encompasses over 500 rooms and striking indoor and outdoor facilities and shopping plazas.

Cost of Embryo Adoption And Donation in India

Embryo donation clinics in India are actively planning to incorporate safe and comforting travel abroad for fertility and IVF treatment.

Infertility treatments in India are low cost IVF options and are the key reason why many tourists are flocking in record numbers to India. IVF India is encompasses a comprehensive world of experience in infertility treatment without breaking the bank.