Dr. Ghassan Azar IVF Clinic

Dr. Ghassan Azar IVF Clinic

The IVF Clinic of Dr. Ghassan Azar is a holistic obsterical & gynecological clinic. The leading IVF center in Lebanon enlists the guidance of a pioneer gynecologist with multiple achievements that range from dicoveries and breakthroughs in the field of gynecology to multiple publications that have recieved world-wide acclamation. Our lead IVF doctor, Dr....

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Dr. Ghassan Azar IVF Clinic
Lebanon Travel Tips
  • Language: Arabic, French
  • Currency: Lebanese pound (LBP)
  • Climate: Average Temp Summer 68-86 F (20-30°C) Winter 55 F (13°C)
  • Capital: Beirut
  • Major Airport(s): Beirut International Airport (BEY)
  • Electricity: 110-220V 50Hz (European and UK plugs)
  • Time Zone: UTC +2
  • What to See

    Beirut adds a touch of magic to the Middle East. The Lebanese capital charms all visitors with its graceful hospitality, cultivating history, and lively spirit. Be sure to visit the National Museum of Beirut’s antiquities, and do not miss out on the  twentieth-century landmarks. Take advantage of the warm climate and see the city’s architecture one picture at a time.

    What to Savor

    Who doesn't love street vendors? Lebanese street vendors have energy and flair for every tourist. Beirut is known for its famed pizza with thyme and cheese or meat, and fruit cocktails spilling with sweet avocado and ashta (Lebanese cream).

    Where to Stay

    The top hotels are modern, highly serviceable, and entertaining. Try out the Orientalist-inspired decor and spectacular terrace at Hotel Albergo or find comfort at Le Gray’s contemporary luxury offering  five-star boutique stays. More modest accommodation can be found at Saifi Urban Gardens which has hostel-like rooms, a rooftop bar and a language school.


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