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IVF United Kingdom

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UKCFA London / United Kingdom

UKCFA offers a wide range of infertility treatments tailored to meet your needs and make you feel enlightened on your journey to Parenthood. We are run by UK’s leading IVF Fertility Consultants with a unique partnership with Cyprus IVF Centre (CIC) in Famagusta.

  • Testimonial: " Our twin boys were born on 1 February. Both are very well and healthy, though I feel like I have been run over by a truck, whilst my husband is completely besotted. "
  • Languages: English
  • Additional Services: Local Accommodation Assistance, Translator Services, Hotel to Clinic Transfers
  • 00 44 20 3322 9575 ext: 1155

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IVF United Kingdom

IVF United Kingdom

Infertility is the powerlessness of a couple to become pregnant (regardless of cause) after 1 year of unprotected sexual intercourse. IVF in the United Kingdom offers infertile couples a chance to have a child who is biologically linked to them.

With IVF, a method of assisted reproduction, sperm and eggs are combined in a laboratory dish, where fertilization occurs. The resulting embryo is then transferred to the woman's uterus to implant and develop naturally.

Today, the United Kingdom is the world’s leading trade and financial front-runner, with unconventional public services and a flourishing economy. The UK is increasingly becoming a place of retreat for couples seeking to initiate IVF treatments.

For patients who wish to travel abroad to lower the cost but are concerned about spending an extended period of time away from home, IVF United Kingdom offers options to start your infertility treatment in the UK before travelling abroad for in vitro fertilization.

The UK Cypriot Fertility Association (UKCFA) is based in the UK and partners with a specialist fertility and IVF clinic in Famgusta, Cyprus. The Association is run by UK Consultant Gynecologists who are mavens in reproductive medicine.

With infertility clinics based in convenient locations across the country, there are no waiting lists in the UK. If patients choose to start their IVF treatment in the UK before traveling abroad to complete the cycle, all consultations, screening and scans will be completed in the UK.

As your infertility treatment continues, professional staff from the UK will support you throughout the process, both in the UK and in Cyprus. UKCFA have highly trained and expert clinicians who can be proud of their very high success rates with treatments such as IVF and egg donation.

IVF Treatments in United Kingdom

IVF in the United Kingdom offers you today's most cutting-edge and current procedures. Fertility clinics in the UK are well equipped to provide a comprehensive range of fertility treatments.

Fertility clinics in the UK offer patients the most advanced treatment methods to overcome infertility - from IVF with ICSI to IVF with egg donation, fertility doctors in the UK are highly trained infertility experts who work in collaboration with leading IVF specialists worldwide.

Other treatments include FET, PESA, TESA, PGD, and embryo freezing.

IVF treatments in the UK provide treatments in a stress-free, compassionate and supportive setting.

Sights to See in United Kingdom

The UK is home to inspiring cities like London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast.

Whether you're looking for motivation, action, and relaxation or indulging in the hidden riches, the exciting central momentous cities such as Bath and Edinburgh to rural retreats in the Lake District and Wales has something for everyone.

The British land offers secluded sandy beaches and histrionic mountains to active diverse cities, art gallerias, museums and breath-taking sights!

Britain's highest mountain, Ben Nevis features walking tours and summit views making it a worthwhile day outing, while the Dorset and East Devon Coast, or Jurassic Coast mesmerizes you by night as you engage in the 'natural' World Heritage Site view.

Discover the healing benefits of natural spa waters under the mineral-rich springs in Britain. Spas in the UK are part of the growing health, wellness and pampering tourism development of English 'health and wellness'. Relax in calmness at the luxurious Gleneagles resort or spend nightfall in the Garden House of Powis Castle, a remarkable castle that was home to Welsh princes.

Cost of Ivf in United Kingdom

The high cost of IVF treatment leads many patients to seek fertility treatment abroad, however many patients choose to stay in the UK to remain close to family and friends as they undergo IVF.

Clinics in the UK offer a range of cost-effective packages to fit every budget. To reduce the cost of IVF treatment by more than 70%, traveling abroad for fertility treatment is the central affordable answer to your fertility issues.

According to the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority in Britain the cost of infertility treatment is affected by a woman's age; the duration of infertility and the physical status of the womb.

The UK has embraced an immaculate reputation for IVF at a lower price.

    IVF Destinations

  • London

    IVF London

    London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom comprising of a global dynamite of arts, commerce, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, and tourism. It is home to the Tower of London, Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Trafalgar Square and Wembley Stadium.

    With its diverse range of peoples, cultures, and religions London is defined as the cultural capital of the world. IVF London is attentively absorbed on upholding the industry leading IVF success rates.

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United Kingdom Travel Tips

Language: English, Welsh
Currency: Pound sterling (GBP)
Climate: Average Temp Summer 75 F (24 °C) Winter 43 F (6°C)
Capital: London
Major Airport(s): London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport, London Stansted Airport
Electricity: 230V 50 Hz
Time Zone: UTC/ UTC +1 (Summer)
Calling Code: 44

Last updated on January 31st, 2012