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Ivf  in London
It is with great joy and happiness (and gratitude that mere words can not do full justice to) that I am writing to you to let you know that I gave birth to our darling baby daughter yesterday morning, the 29th January, 2010. We chose a Russian name in honour of the wonderful Russian lady who donated her eggs so that we could realise our dreams, via the work of you and your Team? Our daughter weighed 6lbs 14 ounces and arrived into the world at 05:16am, after a long and arduous labour. Thanks on behalf of all 3 of us for the joy that you and the Team here in Britain and in Cyprus have given us. You will all always remain in our hearts for helping us achieve our dreams.
January 1970
Please forgive me for not contacting you earlier but we have wonderful news to share. Our baby son was born in Portland, Oregon during March of this year. Nathan was six months old yesterday and the first few months have been exciting as well as a time of adapting for us all. Please would you kindly inform Dr. Tekin and the rest of the team of our wonderful news? Thank you. Many blessings
January 1970
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UKCFA offers a wide range of infertility treatments tailored to meet your needs and make you feel enlightened on your journey to Parenthood. We are run by UK’s leading IVF Fertility Consultants with a unique partnership with Cyprus IVF Centre (CIC) in Famagusta.

IVF in London

Fertility doctors in London bring together the most cutting edge techniques, advanced equipments and outstanding practitioners to bring you the superior human reproductive care you truly deserve.

UK fertility clinics are staffed by qualified physicians and board certified reproductive endocrinology specialists, as well as experienced team of nurses, medical assistants and embryologists.

Moreover, many IVF clinics in London offer specialists in the areas of male and female infertility. Advances in fertility therapies available in the UK allow patients struggling with infertility become parents.

Fertility doctors in London are committed to addressing patients’ unique conditions, medical and non-medical issues.

Armed with ground-breaking technology and an environment that emphasizes holistic and compassionate care; physicians and staff in UK fertility centers will only provide the best assisted reproductive treatments in Europe.

London IVF doctors are highly sensitive to patients’ needs and privacy. They are able to craft individualized treatment program that suits the patient’s unique condition, budget and lifestyle.  

UK clinics offer a full range of infertility services including IUI, ICSI and IVF treatments.

IVF Treatments in London

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) London:
IUI in London is used for treatment of male infertility. The treatment is also conducted when there is unexplained infertility; there are ovulation problems; or if the male partner experiences premature ejaculation.  

Egg Donation London:
IVF with egg donation in London is a viable procedure to couple who are unable to conceive due to low ovarian reserve or poor egg quality. The treatment involves using the eggs of a donor to conceive a child and allow the infertile couple to experience the bliss of having a child and creating a family.  

Gender Selection London:
Gender selection in London can be used to increase the likelihood of having either a boy or a girl. It is employed for several reasons, such as when one or both partners carry a genetic disease that affects a specific gender. Couples may also choose gender selection for family balancing purpose to conceive either boy or a girl.


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