Laser Eye Surgery in Mexico

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Laser Eye Surgery  in Mexico
Was completely at ease and comfortable with Dr. Peña, and hospital staff. Had a greet deal of confidence with Dr. Peña!
April 2016
Dr. Adolfo Pena is a very thorough physician. He took a lot of time to describe the procedure to me in detail. He never rushed me and answered all of my questions. He had my best interest in mind and even delayed the surgery because i had worn my contacts ( which makes the vision test inaccurate and therefore the surgery is inaccurate). I would definitely recommend him to even my children.
January 2014
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The clinic offers vision correction options beyond Laser eye surgery in Mexico. The clinical team will examine your eyes and determine the vision correction option that is right for you.

Laser Eye Surgery in Mexico

Laser vision correction surgery is a revolutionary eye care procedure designed to treat a variety of vision problems, such as glaucoma, corneal disease and cataracts. Laser eye surgery can help patients eliminate their reliance on glasses and contact lenses.

The glaring cost difference between the health care in the US and Mexico encouraged many patients to resort to Mexico eye care clinics to benefit from the reduced cost of laser eye surgery and the state-of-the-art health care.

Mexico is recognized as the premier eye care provider dedicated to excellence in vision correction treatments and to help you choose the safest option that best suits your eyes.

Mexico laser eye surgery clinics embrace the most extensive range of vision correction procedures in North and Central America to achieve the best visual outcome. Most eye care clinics in Mexico boast on-site pioneering surgical facilities and advanced technology to provide safe, painless and clinically-proven treatments.

Rest assured you will receive the newest vision correction techniques, so you can leave Mexico without glasses or contacts and enjoy a lifetime of sharp vision. Eye care doctors in Mexico are highly trained in a variety of laser vision procedures to provide you with best possible eye care and laser technology.

Mexican eye doctors are renowned for their efficient after-care service and premium standard of maintenance; even when fly back home, you can still contact your doctor and he/she will be more than happy to give you best advice possible.

Laser eye surgery Mexico is committed to being on the cutting edge of Laser eye surgery and other eye care technologies.

Laser Eye Surgery Treatments in Mexico

Lasik Mexico:
Lasik Mexico is a popular laser eye procedure to correct vision problems, such low-to-high levels of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Cataracts Surgery Mexico:
Cataracts surgery in Mexico is one of the commonly performed eye care procedures where clear eyesight is restored through tiny incisions made at the end of the cornea. The surgery doesn’t require stitches.


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