Aris Vision has become a leader in the opthalmological market as a result of successfully treating more than 30,000 patients. Our clinic is located in Juarez, just across the border from El Paso, Texas.


We have the latest equipment to correct nearsightedness, hyperopia, astigmatism and other visual ailments. Indeed, we offer complete eye care surgery.

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Patient Reviews

Laser Eye Surgery

Gregory, Atlanta, USA - 18-Jan-2009

I was initially skeptical about having eye surgery in Mexico. Also since I am in the U.S. military, I could not have anything go wrong since I must qualify with a weapon yearly. It would have ended my military career if anything had gone wrong. Therefore I brought the doctor my current contact lens prescription since it was the vision I wanted. After the surgery, I meticulously adhered to the doctor's orders and applied the eye medication as required. After about two weeks, my vision was absolutely perfect. And I am still amazed today at my quality of sight, even better than contact lenses. No dry eye, no halos at night, the cost was very reasonable, and the chance to recuperate in Mexico all added to the perfect result for me.

Laser Eye Surgery

Elsa, Texas, USA - 18-Jan-2009

I chose to have the surgery at your clinic because of the convenience and I also saved two thousand dollars! The aftercare is affordable and the warranty is extensive. The results have been great and people have even asked me what I did to the inside of my eye to make it look so attractive!