A New Year Filled with Hopes of Parenthood in Lebanon

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A New Year Filled with Hopes of Parenthood in Lebanon

01/07/2015 - Medical Tourism
By: Kai Wade | Director of Communications & Social Media

Lebanon itself is renowned for being one of the top tourism destinations with its beautiful natural landscape, the richness of its heritage and most importantly the quality of its services, while the medical tourism industry in Lebanon has long succeeded on local and international healthcare demand — unaffected by domestic or regional conflict.

Behind a strong reputation, Lebanon offers an unparalleled wealth of fertility resources at a very affordable and competitive costs. Specifically, the volume of fertility clinics shows that there is a rising demand for infertility treatment.

“Tradition has actually pushed more people to seek fertility treatment, as the pressure to have a family still dominates society, “ states Dr. Ghina Ghazeeri, an obstetrician and gynecologist at AUBMC. “People are more aware that fertility treatments increase the chances of getting pregnant faster. Many are in a hurry, and doctors might be pushed to give treatments.”

IVF Treatment in Lebanon

Top Lebanese fertility providers of VisitandCare.com — include the Belgian Lebanese Center for Infertility and IVF clinic of Dr. Bernard Kassab.

The Belgian Lebanese Center for Infertility is one of the Middle East’s most advanced fertility centers offering a variety of state-of-the-art treatments. It is a nationally certified reproductive facility in Beirut boasting highly experienced IVF physicians who have held many leadership roles in medical societies. The clinic aims to provide high quality, supportive and personalized care to patients struggling with infertility. Since the clinic’s establishment in 1996, it has been endowed with a multidisciplinary Belgian-Lebanese team using the latest technology, the best pharmacological products and therapeutic methods.

The IVF clinic of Dr. Bernard Kassab gives patients a unique approach to fighting infertility. Beyond the medical aspect of infertility, Dr. Kassab takes into consideration the emotional journey that coincides with fertility treatment. With several fertility treatment options available, Dr. Kassab and his team offer intended parents access to the nation’s most distinguished IVF specialists — and supports all cultural, ethnic, and sexual orientations. When it comes to treating infertility, Dr. Bernard Kassab is a leading pioneer and will work hard to help achieve your dreams of having a baby.

The New Year and New Hope

Are you struggling with infertility? With more than 25 years of experience successfully treating couples and individuals with infertility problems, infertility specialists in Lebanon are helping couples move forward with new hope.

Teams of IVF Doctors are using the most advanced technological resources available to help patients expand their families and become parents in 2015.

No other infertility clinics around the globe can offer world-renowned expertise at the local level supported by a network of IVF experts in Beirut. The IVF clinics in Lebanon have extensive clinical experience, advanced infertility technologies, and groundbreaking fertility research to guide you on your journey to parenthood.


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