The Joy of Parenthood: Interview with New Parent at CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico

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The Joy of Parenthood: Interview with New Parent at CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico

07/31/2015 - Medical Tourism
By: Kai Wade | Director of Communications & Social Media

The CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico recently conducted a heartfelt interview with a happy new parent — after a prosperous surrogacy journey in Mexico. The leading surrogacy agency in Puerto Vallarta is eager to show prospective parents the world of love that surrogacy in Mexico has to offer.

While there are many cases circulating the press regarding unrepresented couples who have been slowed down or ‘stuck’ by the surrogacy exit process in Mexico — the CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico highlights their programs success to the expertise of their surrogacy team and a tribute to patience.

“Some intended parents are simply not prepared for the exit process, undermining the legal process and overvaluing alternative approaches. Others are trying to avoid legal expenses or simply unaware of the importance of expert legal representation. The CARE program eliminates the need for fear as we are confident and highly experienced in helping new parents depart Mexico with their baby in a timely manner,” stated Ivan Davydov, Surrogacy Lawyer at CARE.

Spotlight — New Parent Shares the Joys of Becoming Parent

The CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico sat down with a new parent to highlight their surrogacy journey in Mexico — and to enlighten others considering surrogacy in Mexico on the joys and love it brings. (Out of respect for their wishes, the CARE IP will remain anonymous)

CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico: If you wrote a book about your journey to parenthood via surrogacy — what would the TITLE be?
CARE New Parent: Naturally like my blog ‘La Aventura de ser Papá’ (The Adventure of Parenthood).

CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico: How did you decide on baby names?
CARE New Parent: Since my egg donor was Italian my baby girl's name is Valentina, which is a name of Italian origin.

CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico: What was the first thought that popped into your head when you saw your baby for the first time?
CARE New Parent: In one word, love, from the very first moment I saw her.

CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico: What has been the biggest surprise of becoming a parent?
CARE New Parent: Loving someone at first sight, as this is the first time it has ever happened to me.

CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico: Would you do it again, and why?
CARE New Parent: Yes of course, watching your little baby girl's face is something that everyone should experience.

Choosing Surrogacy in Mexico

CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico truly understands the variables that contribute to any successful surrogacy journey in Mexico and has put together a team of experts to help individuals build the family of their dreams.

In a recent press release, CARE Journey Coordinator Sergio Gomez, stated, “Here at CARE, we have witnessed the transformation of so many lives. Our overwhelming passion to help build families, our knowledge of the surrogacy process, and most importantly the newborns that are now an extension of our family all contribute to this wonderful transformation. It’s truly something special.”


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