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Plastic Surgery  in Lebanon
Franchement cette clinique est bien équipée , bien propre , les employés sont très gentille et ils remontent le moral , les docteurs ont une très grande expérience ils sont capable de faire leurs travail a un haut niveau de maîtrise
March 2014
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Dr.  Elie Abdelhak Verified

Dr. Elie Abdelhak is an internationally recognized authority on plastic surgery in Lebanon and the Middle East. He performs a wide range of cosmetic, facial and breast-enhancement procedures.

Plastic Surgery Lebanon

If the Middle East needed a capital for plastic surgery, Lebanon would definitely be it. Lebanon is a renowned plastic surgery destination for Middle Eastern patients and European travelers.

Choosing a plastic surgery destination was never easy. It is a very personal and important decision. Learning more about cosmetic surgery practice in Lebanon will give you an assured confidence and unequivocal trust to travel for a world-class makeover.

Plastic surgeons in Lebanon are board certified doctors who specialize in extensive range of facial, breast and body contouring procedure, helping you maintain realistic expectations while choosing procedure that will improve your appearance.  

Lebanon cosmetic surgery experts are experienced medical practitioners known for their artistic capacity to transform your appearance and realize your ideal self-image.

Plastic surgery Lebanon doctors are committed to providing not just an excellent cosmetic result, but an overall comfortable and positive experience.

Embraced by qualified plastic surgeons, Lebanon plastic surgery clinics provide a full range of cosmetic surgery procedure to enhance your looks and eliminate signs of premature aging.

From skin care treatments, to body surgery procedures, plastic surgery Lebanon doctors will be with you every step on your journey to look your best. 

Plastic Surgery Treatments in Lebanon

Liposuction Lebanon

Liposuction in Lebanon is one of the most popular body contouring procedures designed to remove excess skin and tighten weak abdominal muscles.  

Tummy Tuck Lebanon

Tummy tuck in Lebanon is a body sculpting treatment that aims to flatten protruding abdomen by tightening excess fatty tissue and skin. Tummy tuck cannot substitute for weight loss.

Breast implants Lebanon

Breast implants in Lebanon can increase the size of breast to enhance a woman’s overall figure. The procedure generally takes about 1-2 hours. Most patients undergo a local anesthesia during breast implants; however in some cases a general anesthesia is used.

Sights to See in Lebanon

Nicolas Sursock Museum embodies a fine art pieces, located in the historic and affluent Achrafieh district of Beirut. A former late 19 th century private villa of one of the city’s high profile aristocrats. The museum features a fabulous collection of Lebanese and international art.