Lip Augmentation

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Lip Augmentation
This is my second trip to Cancun for plastic surgery with My Medical Vacations. This time I came for a breast lift and augmentation, and some liposuction. I’m very happy with the results Dr. Sámano has a great bedside manner, and was very understanding. Betty is one of the concierge staff and is still one of my favorite people on earth. Betty and Andres have made my second trip just as good as the first. Ana, my nurse checked on me every morning and did a great job with my aftercare, she is also amazing! I have recommended My Medical Vacations to all of my Friends and several people have booked in based on my experience. These guys are great I really can’t say enough good things about them!
March 2016
I had researched rhinoplasty and its associated costs extensively before contacting My Medical Vacations (MMV). I also had an acquaintance who has had several procedures done in Cancun using MMV. Katie, the coordinator; Betty my concierge and Ana my nurse have been by my side Throughout this procedure… they are truly amazing and dedicated people. If I were to need other procedures I would not hesitate using MMV services again and would highly recommend them to anyone. Rosellen Frisbee
March 2016
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My Medical Vacations Plastic Surgery Verified

My Medical Vacations Plastic Surgery is a leading plastic surgery provider in Mexico that aims to offer the highest standards of aesthetic treatments and medical tourism service in North America.

I am delighted with the result. The before and after care was excellent, I was given Dr Sterman's personal mobile number to contact him if I needed to after surgery. I would highly recommend Dr Sterman. If I were ever to get another surgery I would definitely return to this clinic!
December 2014
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Sterman Clinic Verified

Take an awe-inspiring look behind the doors of Silvio Sterman Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Clinic significantly famed for its world-class plastic and reconstructive surgery, congenital defects and other complimentary procedures.

International Cosmetic Surgery Center Verified

The clinic is one of Belgium’s finest plastic surgery practices offering aesthetic surgery options at economically affordable prices.

un grand merci aux infirmieres qui m ont surveillees apres mon operation;au dr aboufirass qui ma bien rassurer par ses nombreuses visites;une nuit en clinique une chambre spacieuse propre rien a dire de negatif ... mieux traitee au maroc qu en france; avec mon petit budget jai ete traitee comme une vip...merci a tous;;je recommande la policlinique du sud;
February 2016
For the past 4 years I have been having Botox treatments by a top specialist in my home town of London. On a visit to Morocco recently & noticing my last treatment had worn off I decided on a whim to visit Dr Aboufirass Abdellatif. He treated both the forehead & eye area & I am thrilled with the results which are superior to the results I am used to, not only is everything smoothed out but he has also managed to create a pleasing lifting effect to my eyes. Despite the further distance I will not hesitate to have my next treatment with Dr Abdellatif. Great value for money too for the results which have been achieved
May 2014
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Dr. Aboufirass Abdellatif Verified

Dr. Aboufirass Abdellatif practice is designed to present comprehensive treatment planning and follow strict standards to ensure your plastic surgery in Marrakesh will go smoothly and achieve the appearance goals you desire.

Je me suis faite opérer en decembre 2016 de prothèses mammaires. Après avoir longement hésité, je me suis décidée à rencontrer un chirurgien esthétique. Je voulais un résultat supernaturel avec une taille 90C. J’ai contacté plusieurs chirurgiens esthétiques qui ne m’accordaient meme pas 10 minutes . Mon choix s’est naturellement dirigé vers un chirurgien qui à la première consultation a été très attentif à ma demande et mes motivations c'est Dr Kotti. Il est important qu’il puisse répondre à mes questions de manière professionnelle en m’expliquant les avantages et les risques de l’augmentation mammaire ☺. Avant de me faire opérer, j’ai eu l’occasion de revoir mon chirurgien , pour compléter ou modifier quelques informations notamment sur la prothèse ou la date d’intervention mais aussi il a su dissiper mes appréhensions face à l’intervention: peur de l’anesthésie ou d’être déçu du résultat final. C’est finalement en toute confiance qu’en decembre dernier j’ai réalisé mon rêve. Le matin de l’intervention, Dr Kotti est venu faire les empreintes avec son feutre ☺ L’intervention s’est très bien déroulée. Les douleurs ont été surtout présentes les trois premiers jours mais elles ont été très bien calmées par les médicaments qui m’ont été prescrits. Pendant un mois, je devais porter un soutien-gorge spécial, celui que portent les grandes sportives, et pas du tout d’aspect médical. La première semaine, il fallait que je prévois plus de temps pour effectuer tout ce que j’avais à faire, et grâce aux antalgiques, la douleur était, pendant ces huit jours, très supportable. Je me sens une maman (maman de 3 enfants /35 ans), qui est redevenue une Femme à part entière, et encore plus épanouie !! Merci beaucouuuup Dr Kotti .
January 2017
بصراحة كان التعامل مع الدكتور بوراوي جد رائع..والعملية كانت ناجحة والحمد لله...نحمد الله على أناملنا وكفاءاتنا الطبية التونسية وأتمنى للدكتور المزيد من النجاح والتألق ...لقد تركت بصماتك يا دكتور في ذاكرتي طول العمر...وعن نفسي انت طبيب تونس الاول في عالم التجميل
August 2016
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Dr Bouraoui Kotti Verified

From all over the globe, plastic surgery patients travel to Tunis to visit world-renowned plastic surgeon — Dr. Kotti. He has earned a worldwide reputation for his technical skill as well as his refined aesthetic sensibility. Although he is passionate about helping each of his patients to attain beautiful, natural-looking outcomes and enhanced confidence.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is one of the oldest practices known to man, dating back thousands of years to ancient civilizations and bygone eras. Different forms of plastic surgery are evident in many cultures: Indian, Greek, ancient Egyptians and Romans.

Today plastic surgery is common practice and an integral part of the modern-day society, with women, men and, sometimes, children undergo reconstuctive treatments to enhance their appearance, correct a birth defect or just for the sake of change.

Whether you are traveling overseas for plastic surgery to correct physical impairment from a traumatic accident or in pursuit of an aesthetic change, every individual earns the right to look and feel happy about their appearance.

Plastic Surgery Treatments

Plastic surgery patients are promised with not only radical physical transformation; they are also promised a lifestyle change and a better quality of living. From an emotional, psychological perspective, plastic surgery can work wonders on your self-confidence and self-esteem.

In recent years, patients who underwent plastic surgery have reported a significant boost in body image and improved quality of life. Some of the most requested and widely performed plastic surgery treatments abroad are body contouring surgeries.

Body reconstructive surgeries that aim at enhancing the patient's appearance, such as tummy tuck, liposuction and breast implants, are usually expensive treatments in countries such as the US and the UK.

Tummy Tuck:
Had a weight-loss surgery lately? Tummy tuck surgery aims to reduce excessive skin resulted from a weight loss surgery or a diet regimen.

Liposuction is an important plastic surgery treatment that attempts to remove excess fat and skin in specific of your body to provide you with slimmer and smoother body figure.

Breast Implants:
Patients looking to increase the size of their breast seek breast implants abroad. Traveling abroad for tummy tuck allows patietns to save money while still having a quality treatment.

Neck Lift Surgery:
Advancing age, fat deposits and gravity can affect the look and feel of your neck. That’s why a growing number of patients are seeking neck lift surgery to reduce the look of sagging, loose skin the neck area and under the jawline.

World cosmetic clinics also specialize in skin and facial treatments to enhance the appearance of your facial features and eliminate signs of facial aging. Patients in some instances seek a minor, subtle change to their face, for example, improving the appearance of their prominent noses or ears.

Facial surgery are also as popular as facial-enhancing treatments- with face lift and nose surgery occupying the top plastic surgery treatments around the world.

Nose Surgery:
Nose surgery is a very common plastic surgery treatment sought-after by many male and female patients looking to alter the size or shape of their nose.

Cost of Plastic Surgery

The cost of plastic surgery in the US has many patients and medical tourists on the hunt for affordable plastic surgery alternatives abroad. With thoroughal and meticulous research, you can find low-cost and, equally efficient, plastic surgery treatments available beyond borders.

Read below about the popular plastic surgery destinations, get a quote from plastic surgery clinics and learn the benefits of traveling for plastic surgery abroad.

The value for money and the quality of plastic surgery treatments provided in countries where health care is affordable are the number one reasons why medical tourism is a growing and successful industry.