Liposuction in Panama

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Liposuction  in Panama

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Liposuction in Panama

Liposuction is one of the most effective body-contouring treatments that can address certain areas of the body to give you a slimmer and smoother figure.

The procedure aims to surgically remove deposits of excess fat and skin from areas, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, legs, and neck, which usually fail to react to healthy diet and exercise.

Liposuction in Panama is a popular plastic surgery procedure that is used to slim the hips, thighs, flatten the tummy, shape the calves and ankles and/or eradicate a double chin.

Plastic surgery Panama hosts an extensive variety of body-sculpting surgery solutions to achieve better body contours, slimmer silhouette and smoother profile.

During the Panama Liposuction procedure, one or more incisions are placed near the area that will be treated. The incisions are usually made within the fold or natural creases of the skin. A tiny tube, called cannula, is connected to a flexible tubing and suction pump, where the doctor moves it back and forth thought the fat to vacuum the fat out.

After the fat is removed, the skin will be able to re-contour to your new body profile. Men and women who undergo liposuction in Panama report excellent results, greater confidence and an enhanced self image.

Plastic surgeons in Panama offer the training, skill and experience to provide safe and successful liposuction body contouring procedures. Cosmetic surgeons of Panama prefer to carry out liposuction on several areas at one time to ensure proportion and overall body symmetry.

Sights to See in Panama

Explore the Embera indigenous community of Panama located on the Chagres Rover. This community is home to one of the country’s oldest indigenous ethnic groups, immigrating from ancient Great Colombia over 300 years ago and settled in the Darien jungle. Be a Tarzan for a day and immerse yourself in the lush and tropical Chagres National Park.

Get to know Embera’s customs and traditions; admire their tambos, elevated houses with palm-leaf roofs; and get amused by traditional dances. Treat you taste buds with an Emberan lunch or browse an exquisite selection of handcrafts, wood carvers and basket weavers.

Cost of Liposuction in Panama

The cost of liposuction in Panama is an affordable alternative to expensive health care and plastic surgery treatments in the US and Canada.

The proximity element plays a major role in determining the overall cost of the procedure. Luckily, Panama is a short flight from the US and Canada and makes for the most affordable plastic surgery destination because of the lower-cost of living and cheap overhead cost.

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