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Perfection Medical Spa and Surgery Center was founded by Dr. Mario Alfonso Gonzalez Cepeda. He is an esteemed member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS). The clinic is a complete plastic surgery center and a medical spa, offering a highly acclaimed plastic surgery practice with a special dedication to customer service.

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Patient Reviews

Plastic Surgery

Laura - 25-Aug-2014

“HORRIBLE!!!!! Dr. Gonzales didi not operate on me, the younger DR. did the SX with no information. They were supposed to do a SMALL amount of lipo but took too much. They also dropped me and I ended up with a disc herniation. I am not overweight. This was neglect. I ended up in a Mexico hospital for 8 days and almost DIED. STAY away from this place. It is dirty and unprofessional. My face is still numb after 2 yrs. I am a RN nurse and they fooled me. I have proof of everything I am stating. ”

Plastic Surgery

Mama Hog - 16-Apr-2014

“death threatening. Filthy clinic caused infection. Doctors ego would not admit infection. Outside doctors claimed he was a idiot. Hyperbaric, oxygen therapy at great expense solved infection. Then Gonzalas in his hurry to see other people nicked a artery and almost killed me. It is no wonder he has his own private butcher shop as no approved hospital will have him. This is not deflamation of character only the truth.”

Plastic Surgery

Nicky - 03-Feb-2014

“I needed a breast lift surgery with augmentation and few doctors that I consulted with said it has to be trough the nipple with the vertical incision. I didn't want the vertical incision and one doctor told me he could do it without the vertical incision just trough the nipple. Then i found Dr Gonzalez and emailed his assistant Robyn. I asked her to show him my pictures and ask what he recommends. She said that doctor said the lift could be done just trough the nipple. I emailed her back and forth to make sure that he will be able to do just that without the vertical incision. She assured and reassured me million times. I booked my surgery. In Mexico, seeing doctor Gonzalez for the first time. He says no way he can do it without vertical incision. I'm in shock, but I'm already there, no reason to argue. On a day of my surgery I'm waiting 8 hours (which is insane) in preop room (he had another surgery).... Post op was the most horrifying times of my life. On the second day my nipple turned black. Dr Gonzalez said its not that big of a problem, it happens all the time. I also realized that he didnt just do the lolipop incision he did anchor incision, incision that is made around the perimeter of the areola, vertically down from the areola to the breast crease, and horizontally along the breast crease. So much for "just a nipple incision" huh. I was in shock, total shock. I was crying hysterically. Went home to New York. I lost my nipple couple mounths later. Now almost two years after the surgery I have most horriblle scars on both of my nipples (or what's left of them). Not only that. I have horrible looking anchor scars. I went to a few plastic surgeons in the past year. The first thing they all asked me "did You get the surgery outside the country?". Turns out Dr Gonzalez surgery and stitching technique haven't been used in this country since the 80s. Sad. I wish I knew that. Im a nurse myself I should have known better. I wish I never went to him. Would I recommend him to any of my friends or family? No way!!!”

Plastic Surgery - 17-Apr-2013

“I received a breast augmentation at Perfection in Cancun. I am currently 7 days post op. The first day my coordinator was half an hour late. After bloodwork, I had my unscheduled consultation with the surgeon. There was a definite language barrier however, the coordinator did a good job translating between the two of us. Prior to my consultation, I had expressed I wanted to go from an A to a D cup. I wrongfully assumed this was communicated to the surgeon. On the day of my surgery, they showed up 1 hour late to pick me up. The driver said the time of my surgery had changed, I was never informed of this. I also wasn't told to bring my Id to the hospital. The driver said he would be back to pick up my boyfriend to retrieve it from the resort, he never came back. My boyfriend had to take a cab. The paperwork at the hospital was not in proper English. That scared me. The anesthesiologist I met prior and was told would be there for the surgery, wasn't there. That also scared me. Right before I went to sleep, the assistant surgeon asked me if I wanted my breast to be similar...? That terrified me. However, the actual surgery went well. I was told I would be at the hospital half a day. After 10 hours, I was so frustrated I threatened to take out my own IV and leave before the assistant surgeon was contacted and showed up shortly after and released me. The next day, again, they were late picking me up by half an hour. I was supposed to meet with the surgeon but was told he flew somewhere that morning, so instead, I spoke with his assistant and some other person I didn't know. This was when I found out I was a C cup instead of a D. My breasts were also very far apart but similar. Too early to tell if they will settle and look the way I want ”

Plastic Surgery

Victoria - 30-May-2012

“I travelled a long way for treatment in Cancun, I thought I was getting dr Gonzalez cepeda for the surgery, but younger dr did my surgery. Dr Valdez with no explanation. I did some checking and there seemed to be a lot of positive feedback for this clinic. I am still healing and have contacted clinic for information about some problems and had no response. My post op support was very disappointing from the day after the surgery. There was no clear instructions on what I should be doing to recover except a piece of paper left in my room which I could not read at the time because I could not wear my glasses from swelling. Experienced lot of pain and not much medication given. No one has bothered to contact me since leaving clinic 10 days ago to check on my progess? I want my recovery to be stress free. For me the post op support is very important.”

Plastic Surgery

Janie - 30-Jan-2012

“Initially I was a bit concerned about going overseas for my procedure, but I took the time to find out his credentials. I looked up Dr. Sherrell Aston who is one of the top plastic surgeons in the United States. What I discovered was that Dr. Gonzalez was affiliated with some of the same organizations as Dr. Aston. Another thing I noticed was that in his office, Dr. Gonzalez had books written by Dr. Thomas Rees who was another top plastic surgeon who wrote several books including textbooks. It became apparent to me that Dr. Gonzalez has kept up with the best of the best which puts him at the top. Merely saying that he is a competent doctor is an understatement. He is a doctor who has extensive knowledge, experience, and integrity. Dr. Gonzalez is also now a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery which is the top organization for plastic surgeons. It is one of the highest honors. He is one of the top ten plastic surgeons in Mexico having membership in this elite organization. I had the Erbium laser on my face. From the moment I walked through the door, the staff and the Dr. Gonzalez went above and beyond. Even when I returned to NY, Robyn (the patient coordinator) contacted me check up on me and to see if I had any questions. I plan on returning to Perfection Medical Spa for procedures in the future. I couldn't speak highly enough about Perfection Medical Spa and the quality of their work.”

Plastic Surgery

Patrick Doran, Denver, Co, usa - 28-Aug-2009

“My intention is to RECOMMEND Dr. Alfonso Gonzalez Cepeda and the staff at PERFECTION CLINIC. My rhinoplasty surgery was completed with fabulous results that exceeded my expectations. please consider the clinic as an option for your plastic surgery needs. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. ”

Plastic Surgery

maria sosa, chicago, il, usa - 28-Aug-2009

“At first i was afraid of coming to Mexico to get my surgery done but it turn out to be a good decision. The doctor is very good and the nurses and everyone was so nice and ready to answer all my questions. Dr. Gonzalez Cepeda did a wonderful job and my surgery results were excellent. I couldn't be more happy.”

Plastic Surgery

ariana, chicago, Il, usa - 28-Aug-2009

“My visit to Perfection was excellent.The Staff and Doctor were super nice and very professional. i could´t have asked for better care or results. I would definitely recommend perfection to a friend or anyone looking for excellent care.”

Plastic Surgery

Gena - 01-Jan-1970

“Everything was great, so far I love what I see. The doctor was great. The staff were super. Overall everything was perfect. Thanks for your help! ”

Plastic Surgery

Susana - 01-Jan-1970

“"I feel more confident after my breast aumentation. It was a life altering change! Thank you Perfection for making my dream a reality!"”

Plastic Surgery

Valerie - 01-Jan-1970

“" I have always been afraid of any type of surgery. But with the personal service at Perfection, I felt taken care of from day one. I was well informed on what was going to happen step by step. It was a wonderful experience!"”

Plastic Surgery

Aurora - 01-Jan-1970

“"There are no words to explain how my life has changed since my breast aumentation. I want to thank the doctor for his dedication and personal care."”

Plastic Surgery

Alicia - 01-Jan-1970

“"Perfection Clinic came highly recommended and their reputation was highly praised! The doctor and his staff provided excellent service! Thank you for my new image. I will recommend Perfection to everyone!"”

Plastic Surgery

Julia - 01-Jan-1970

“" There are no words to express my gratitude to the staff for their personalized attention. A very special thank you to Dr. Gonzalez Cepeda for my fantastic results!"”