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Nose Surgery Manila

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Beaufaces Manila / Philippines
  • Language: English, Filipino
  • Additional Services: Facial Enhancement, Breast Enhancement, Body Contouring, Cosmetic Surgery for Men

The Icon Clinic Manila / Philippines
  • Language: Filipino, English
  • Additional Services: Airport Transfers, Translator Services

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Nose Surgery in Manila

Mohamed Taki | Medical Research Editor and Travel Expert
Nose Surgery Manila

Nose surgery is one of the top most common and highly-requested plastic surgery treatments among men and women. Because the nose is the most defining and prominent feature of one’s face, a slight alternation can make a dramatic difference and can transform a person’s overall facial appearance.

Also commonly known as rhinoplasty, the procedure intends to correct large, crooked, or otherwise disproportionate noses.

Nose surgery Manila is an excellent choice for patients looking to enhance the size and shape of their nose to complement the overall facial appearance-- at an affordable cost.

Facial plastic surgery Manila physicians employ the latest proved techniques to provide patients with natural and outstanding aesthetic results. From subtle changes, to head-turning facial improvements, nose surgery Philippines can achieve your most desired appearance goals.

Plastic surgeons in Manila use minimally-invasive incisions that are made inside the nose or under the nasal septum to produce least amount of scarring. Nose surgery can either be performed under general or local anesthesia.

Nose surgery is not only reserved to cosmetic purposes, it can also be used for medical reason such as breathing difficulties due to blocked nasal passages.

It is a common facial surgery for nasal obstruction to straighten a bent internal septum, by removing nasal polyps.

Depending on the degree of nose reshaping required and your unique appearance goals, nose surgery typically requires one to two hours in surgery.

Sights to See in Manila

The Coconut Palace is a well-know sight in Manila any visitor stumbles on it when visiting the Philippines. The structure is made of several types of Philippine hardwood, coconut shells and a specially engineered coconut lumber.

It is located on the Eduardo A at the cultural center of the Philippines Complex. Apart from the architectural aesthetics and masterpiece design of the palace, it is the perfect place for romantic wedding reception, offering breathtaking views of the ocean and impeccably poolside scenery.

Cost of Nose Surgery in Manila

Despite popularity and commonality of nose surgery in the US, it is still one of the most expensive plastic surgery procedures. Plastic surgery procedures in the US are considered elective and are often not covered by medical insurance companies.

For this reason, many patients travel for nose surgery abroad to avail of affordable cost and equal level of medical service. The cost of nose surgery in Manila is a major draw to US overseas patients because of the lower cost of living in the Philippines and the favorable exchange rate.

Manila Travel Tips

Language: English and Filipino
Currency: Philippine peso (PHP)
Climate: Average Daily Temp 78 F (25°C) to 90 F (32°C)
Capital: Manila
Major Airport(s): Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)
Electricity: 220V 60Hz (Baguio 110V)
Time Zone: UTC +8
Calling Code: 63

Last updated on April 30th, 2012