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Plastic Surgery  in Spain
Dr. Granado Tiagonce Verified

The plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Granado Tiagonce in Madrid is distinguished by the highest quality of personal service, commitment to safety and patient confidentiality, and superior results that encompass the entire body.

Doctor Edwin Del Rosario, at Beverly Hills Medical Group (Philippines), seriously deformed my ears during a face-lift procedure. He purposely withheld critical decision making information from me about high risk ear deformities in a classic face-lift procedure. He surgically lowered my ears (up to 1 cm or more) without my knowledge or consent. He changed the angle of my ears without my knowledge or consent. He caused a severe bat-wing deformity of my right ear (up to 1 cm or more) due to gross incompetence. He created pointed ear lobes (half attached) instead of my naturally rounded (and detached) ear lobes due to gross incompetence. Dr. Rosario kept me under General anesthesia for over 10 hours (5 hours longer than the maximum for most plastic surgeons in the USA). I almost died in the Philippines as result! I was also forced to go to the clinic on my first return visit after surgery even after I explained to them that I was way too weak to travel. Dr. Rosario refused to come to my suite for the first visit. It took me almost 5 days to fully recover from the "effects" of General anesthesia. I also started to go into shock on the second day and got on my hands and knees and prayed that I would not die. The anesthesiologists lied to me by saying that the general anesthesia would leave my system in 3-4 hours after surgery. However, they said absolutely NOTHING about the long lasting (and very dangerous) "effects" on the body that almost killed me. I also tried on numerous occasions to get access to my pre-operation photos and medical file, for revision surgery, and Dr. Del Rosario together with Beverly Hills Medical Group staff ignored my requests and refused me over and over again. Dr. Del Rosario also refused to respond to any questions from peer reviewed journals regarding the high rate of ear deformities in a face lift procedure. Dr. Del Rosario and Beverley Hills Medical Group (Philippines) deceived me, lied to me, exploited me, harmed me, turned their back on me and took my hard earned money! Dr. Del Rosario together with Beverly Hills Medical Group (Philippines) is a VERY dangerous organization that ONLY cares about exploiting medical tourists for money. If you value your life, your health and your hard earned money STAY AWAY from Beverly Hills Medical Group (Philippines)! Beverley Hills Medical Group (Philippines) is an extremely evil organization. I am VERY lucky to be alive and back home! This organization is extremely corrupt! PLEASE, do NOT make the same mistake I made! (Note to Visit and Care Staff: The above is a revised version.)
December 2014
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Cirumed Clinic Verified

Cirumed Clinic is one of Spain’s leading plastic surgery practices, specializing in an extensive spectrum of cosmetic and restorative face, skin and body surgery treatments including breast implants, tummy tuck, liposuction, facelift and nose surgery.

Plastic Surgery in Spain

Sun-seekers and plastic surgery patients choose Spain as their medical and holiday destination for its warm climate, quality healthcare and skillful plastic surgeons.

Spain offers something for every type of traveler: sun, beach, culture, history, adventure, nightlife and plastic surgery.

Plastic surgeons in Spain offer all of the seekers of beauty, at super-low prices. Being the one of the most popular historical and holiday location, plastic surgery clinics in Spain also give visitors another reason to travel to Spain.

It’s a location that's close enough to just fly for a short trip and have your plastic surgery done and far enough to escape all your stress and people’s prying eyes.

Catering to the hordes of medical tourists visiting Spain each year, most healthcare practitioners are English-speaking and foreign-friendly.

Doctors and plastic surgery specialists in Spain are board-certified, well-travelled and have extensive experience in the areas of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery treatments. They were also trained in highly esteemed universities in Europe and the US.

, liposuction, breast implant and breast lift surgeries are carried out by plastic surgeons in modern, well-equipped facilities, at prices that are exceedingly low compared to the UK and United States.

Thanks to an efficient healthcare system, Spaniards are among the world’s healthiest people with an average life expectancy at 80, 74 for men and women, respectively.  



Plastic Surgery Treatments in Spain

Breast implants in Spain:
Breast implants in Spain are an ideal option for patients looking to increase the size of their breasts and to enhance their overall figure.

Tummy Tuck in Spain:
Tummy tuck in Spain is a body surgical procedure that attempts to eradicate excess fat and sagging skin deposited around the abdomen area, due to a major weight-loss surgery.

Facelift in Spain:
Facelift in Spain can work wonders on your facial appearance by wiping symptoms of aging and by giving you a more rejuvenated look.

Nose Surgery in Spain:
Nose surgery in Spain is a surgical procedure performed to improve the shape, size, form or function of the nose. Since the nose is one of the prominent facial features, nose surgery can help patients acquire a more aesthetically appealing nose.

Liposuction in Spain:
Liposuction in Spain can target specific areas of the body affected by fat deposits and sagging skin.


Sights to See in Spain

A weekend summer destination for many Europeans and a warm winter getaway, the coastal city of Barcelona offers endless stretches of beach and Europe’s most vibrant nightlife scene. Barcelona is also a hotbed for many medical tourists who enjoy the myriad benefits of its plastic surgery procedures and affordable clinics.