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Plastic Surgery  in Marbella
Doctor Edwin Del Rosario, at Beverly Hills Medical Group (Philippines), seriously deformed my ears during a face-lift procedure. He purposely withheld critical decision making information from me about high risk ear deformities in a classic face-lift procedure. He surgically lowered my ears (up to 1 cm or more) without my knowledge or consent. He changed the angle of my ears without my knowledge or consent. He caused a severe bat-wing deformity of my right ear (up to 1 cm or more) due to gross incompetence. He created pointed ear lobes (half attached) instead of my naturally rounded (and detached) ear lobes due to gross incompetence. Dr. Rosario kept me under General anesthesia for over 10 hours (5 hours longer than the maximum for most plastic surgeons in the USA). I almost died in the Philippines as result! I was also forced to go to the clinic on my first return visit after surgery even after I explained to them that I was way too weak to travel. Dr. Rosario refused to come to my suite for the first visit. It took me almost 5 days to fully recover from the "effects" of General anesthesia. I also started to go into shock on the second day and got on my hands and knees and prayed that I would not die. The anesthesiologists lied to me by saying that the general anesthesia would leave my system in 3-4 hours after surgery. However, they said absolutely NOTHING about the long lasting (and very dangerous) "effects" on the body that almost killed me. I also tried on numerous occasions to get access to my pre-operation photos and medical file, for revision surgery, and Dr. Del Rosario together with Beverly Hills Medical Group staff ignored my requests and refused me over and over again. Dr. Del Rosario also refused to respond to any questions from peer reviewed journals regarding the high rate of ear deformities in a face lift procedure. Dr. Del Rosario and Beverley Hills Medical Group (Philippines) deceived me, lied to me, exploited me, harmed me, turned their back on me and took my hard earned money! Dr. Del Rosario together with Beverly Hills Medical Group (Philippines) is a VERY dangerous organization that ONLY cares about exploiting medical tourists for money. If you value your life, your health and your hard earned money STAY AWAY from Beverly Hills Medical Group (Philippines)! Beverley Hills Medical Group (Philippines) is an extremely evil organization. I am VERY lucky to be alive and back home! This organization is extremely corrupt! PLEASE, do NOT make the same mistake I made! (Note to Visit and Care Staff: The above is a revised version.)
December 2014
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Cirumed Clinic is one of Spain’s leading plastic surgery practices, specializing in an extensive spectrum of cosmetic and restorative face, skin and body surgery treatments including breast implants, tummy tuck, liposuction, facelift and nose surgery.

Plastic Surgery in Marbella

Marbella hosts exclusive elements to be one of the world’s most attractive places to visit for plastic surgery. Sun, beach, sand and state-of-the-art medical infrastructure are resounding reasons for many European and US patients to seek out plastic surgery in Marbella.

Spain is no stranger to superior medical and cosmetic surgery, distinguished for delivering affordable and accessible care to local and international travelers. Plastic surgery Spain is proud to provide a full range of treatments to enhance and rejuvenate face, skin and body.    

Plastic surgeons in Marbella are renowned medical practitioners offering personalized medical attention and cutting-edge facilities to deliver the safest and most successful results. 

Spain plastic surgery practice is committed to the highest standards in patient care and to patient satisfaction.

Board certified cosmetic surgeons in Marbella lead Spain in terms of excellence and extend the utmost comfort and convenience throughout the treatment process.  

Patients can also choose from an abundant variety of non-surgical services including Botox, chemical peels and brow lift.

Marbella plastic surgery doctors employ strong patient communication approach as well as low-key techniques to treatment.

Plastic Surgery Treatments in Marbella

Breast Implants Marbella:
Breast augmentation surgery in Marbella is performed to bring balance and symmetry to the female figure. Plastic surgeons of Marbella are known for their keen artistic skill and scientific approach where results are graceful, beautiful and natural looking.

Liposuction Marbella:
Liposuction in Marbella is a versatile procedure designed to target particular portions of the body when exercise and diet don’t pay off. Patients with excess fat in certain places on the body can take advantage of liposuction to provide precision and accurate results.

Nose Surgery Marbella:
Rhinoplasty in Marbella can be performed from a function or cosmetic aspect. The procedure involves straightening of the nasal septum to improve breathing. From an aesthetic perspective, nose reshaping in Marbella can reduce or increase the overall size of the nose, change the angle between the nose and upper lip, remove a hump or narrow the span of the nostrils.

Tummy Tuck Marbella:
Tummy tuck in Marbella is popular body contouring procedure designed for individuals who are concerned about excess skin, potentially some localized fat or laxity of the abdominal wall. The procedure attempts to tighten the underlying muscles and remove excess skin from the abdomen.

Facelift Marbella:
Facelift Marbella is a great procedure to remove several years from aging face and to deal with excessive sagging skin and loss of muscle tone. It aims to achieve natural looking facial balance and harmony.

Sights to See in Marbella

Bullfighting shows in Spain are a major draw. If you are in Marbella and would like to get piece of bulling action, head to Plaza de Toros. It is an outstanding structure and state-of-the-art architecture in its own right.

Plaza de Toros can accommodate up to 10,000 spectators and hosts regular bullfights on the weekends. The bullring also hosts many festivals and events including summer concerts.