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Plastic Surgery  in Sousse
لدي صديقه سويديه نفس حالتي ترغب ان ترى النتاءج الاخيره و ايضا اختي راسلتكم من قبل و راءت النتاءج الاولي و بهرت بها و اخبرت صديقتها السوريه بالسويد هي ايضا بانتضار ان ترى النتيجه علي من ثم ستاتي اختي و صديقتي السويديه و غيرهم بصراحه التجربه مع الدكتور كمال العربي كانت اكثر من راءعه ....
October 2016
I do love Dr Larbi's work really. He is a very good doctor , very funny and modest. the implants look natural i am just very .excited about them. the good thing that i didn't expect is that i have never felt any pain at all. Thank you Dr
October 2016
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As you are considering life-changing aesthetic surgery in Tunisia, Dr. Kamal Larbi welcomes you to his practice.

Plastic Surgery in Tunisia

Americans, Canadians and Europeans seeking Plastic Surgery procedures no longer have to worry about exaggerated costs, limited or no health insurance coverage, and long waiting lines.

The current condition of medical care in developed countries has paved the way for medical tourism abroad.

Highly qualified doctors and surgeons in Tunisia, who have been educated in some of the top universities in America and elsewhere, hold clinical positions at state-of-the-art medical facilities that cater mainly to medical tourists.

Tunisia´s medical institutions utilize the newest medical technology and are run by some of the most skilled and qualified medical professionals.


Plastic Surgery Treatments in Tunisia

Breast implants in Tunisia:
Breast implants in Tunisia are one of the most sought-after body surgical treatments and the choice of women looking to restore the volume of their breasts due to pregnancy or body weight fluctuation.

Tummy Tuck in Tunisia:
Tummy tuck in Tunisia is a safe and successful body contouring procedure that aims at eliminating the excess fat and sagging skin located around the abdominal region of the body.

Facelift in Tunisia:
Facelift in Tunisia is carried out by specialized Tunisian maxillofacial surgeons promising to improve the appearance of your face and to wipe the visible signs of facial aging.

Nose Surgery in Tunisia:
Nose surgery in Tunisia is an immensely popular facial surgery designed to reshape or resize the structure of the nose.

Liposuction in Tunisia:
Liposuction in Tunisia can target affected sites of the body, including abdomen, thighs and buttocks, the neck, backs of the arms and elsewhere.


Sights to See in Tunisia

Leave the tourist trails in Tunis and head south to Sfax, the second largest city in Tunisia offering a bonanza of activities, attractions and must-see sights. One of the major sights in Sfax is the Sfax Archeological Museum boasting an incredible collection covering all periods of Tunisia’s history with objects originating from the city and its outskirts.