Weight Loss Surgery in Santo Domingo

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Weight Loss Surgery  in Santo Domingo
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At the Bariatric Surgery Center of Dr. Pablo Garcia, a team of professionals strive to make a difference every day and deliver health care the way it should be. The center offers multiple surgery options for long-term weight loss.

Weight Loss Surgery Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an excellent location for medical travel patients.

Weight loss surgery in the Dominican Republic, located in the Caribbean, allows weight loss patients to receive quality bariatric surgery and a post-surgery vacation on the Dominican Republic beaches.

This small country, which shares an island with Haiti, is becoming known for the perfect medical treatment vacation. The Dominican Republic offers lower prices and high quality health care.

Patients traveling abroad for weight loss surgeries, including Gastric Bypass and Gastric Banding, can save up to 60% on the cost of weight loss surgery in the Dominican Republic.

The medical facilities and extensive medical care system is equal to those in most European countries and often better.

Weight Loss Surgery Options in Dominican Republic

Once you decide to undergo weight loss surgery, you need to choose a clinic that has expertise, experience, and commitment to help you throughout your entire weight loss surgery journey.

Gastric Bypass in Dominican Republic:
Clinics in the Dominican Republic offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary effort that combines medical expertise, education, psychological and nutritional support to maximize the potential for success for weight loss with gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery in Dominican Republic involves constructing a very small stomach pouch and making a connection between the small stomach pouch and the intestine using a limb of intestine.

Gastric Banding in Dominican Republic:
The surgeons in Dominican Republic are experts in the gastric banding procedure and will help you decide if this is your best option for weight loss surgery.

The gastric banding procedure reduces the amount of food your stomach can hold at one time which precludes you from overeating and slows the rate of food to and through the stomach which keeps you feeling contented for longer periods of time.

Sleeve Gastrectomy in Dominican Republic:
Sleeve gastrectomy in essence removes a portion of your stomach, thereby causing your hunger to be satisfied with less food and promoting weight loss by limiting food intake.

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Dominican Republic is an effective weight-loss surgical option and increasingly sought-after by medical tourism patients.

Sights to See in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is comprised of sparkling modern adventures, luxurious resort hotels, beautiful palm trees and beautiful blue lagoons.

Cabarete is ranked as one of the top ten windsurfing destinations in the world, and Cabarete Bay is the capital of windsurfing in the Caribbean. Enjoy kitesurfing or kiteboarding, and take on Windsurfing for the first time.

The historic enclave of Santo Domingo, known as the Colonial City, grants you access to historical buildings and sites, including palaces, forts, museums, and churches; parks, plazas, statues and amazing monuments.

Visit the National Aquarium, containing a variety of marine life, from angelfish to sharks. The aquarium is equipped with a clear glass sea-tunnel that makes viewing the enclosed sea life an awesome experience.

Explore the Plaza de la Cultura, the heart of Santo Domingo serves as the city's cultural and artistic showcase, being fronted by a cluster of four museums, as well as the National Theater. Visit the grand museums: Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of History and Geography, the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Dominican Man.

Stay in the small resort of Sosua, defined for its cosmopolitan character, and superb crescent-shaped beach encompassed by numerous cafes, bars and restaurants. The town was established by a group of approximately 600 Jewish refugees from Europe who settled here in 1940.