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Our Smile Design dental surgeon and cosmetic dentistry experts, Dr. Ayman Abboud and Dr. Marina Abboud, leads a team with over 7 years of experience in the dental market. The team has received training worldwide at the best dental courses, lectures and conferences and provides dedication and passion — along with professionalism to your health and beauty.

Dentists Bucharest

Did your smile lose its luster? Get ready and raring to brighten your smile in Romania.

Dentists Romania have established an advanced dental practice focusing on providing comprehensive cosmetic dentistry for all patients.  

Dental clinics of Bucharest are the place to turn to for all your dental needs ranging from the simple to the most complex. They understand that each patient’s needs are unique and design custom-made dental treatments accordingly.    

With a clear mission to provide patients with the highest quality of comprehensive dental care available in Europe, Bucharest dentists help patients reach their goals for optimal oral health through education, personal attention and compassionate environment.

Bucharest- Romania’s cosmopolitan capital- encompasses experienced professionals who are at the forefront of Europe’s cosmetic dentistry practice.

They offer years of experience in dealing with dental conditions that occur in adults and are especially able to cater to adults with complex dental problems.

Dentists of Bucharest are well-trained in various dental specialties, including cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, orthodontics, dental restoration and laser gum treatment.  

Dentists Treatments in Bucharest

Dental Implants Bucharest

Dental implants Bucharest  are designed to provide a solid foundation for teeth replacement which look, feel and function like natural teeth. With dental implants, you have the ability to eat virtually anything and can smile with confidence knowing that your new teeth now appear natural and healthy.

Dental Crowns Bucharest

Dental crowns is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth to restore its shape and size, strength and improve its appearance. Dental crowns in Bucharest are designed to fully encapsulate the entire visible portion of a tooth located at and above the gum line.

Dental Veneers Bucharest

Dental veneers are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth. These shells are designed to bond to the front of the teeth improving their color, shape, size or length—hence an overall enhanced appearance.

Sights to See in Bucharest

The best way to experience Romania is through your sense of hearing. Visit the country’s prestigious concert hall, a state-of-the-art establishment of the Romanian Athenaeum and a tangible testament of the country’s rich art culture. It was completed in 1888 by the French architect Albert Galleron.

The result was a beautiful blend of classical architecture with subtle French motifs. The venue is known for its superior acoustics which currently hosts the George Enescu Philharmonic. The best way to enjoy Athenaeum is at a concert.