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The top cosmetic dentistry center in Thailand, Doctor T Dental Clinic, is highly recognized a leading professional in the field of Dentistry. The advanced dental clinic in Bangkok holds over 20 years of experience, as well as expertise in the areas of pediatric dentistry, preventative care, cleanings, checkups, extractions, fluoride treatments and orthodontics.

Dentists Bangkok

Traveling for dentists in Bangkok, you will be greeted and treated by caring dental professionals who will always do their best to make your dental experience a successful one.

Dentists in Thailand are dedicated to delivering the maximum level of care in a comfortable and informative environment.

Dentists of Bangkok aim to balance the latest in restorative and cosmetic dentistry with time-proven treatments to offer higher standard of care.

Dental experts will spend time with you to develop an individualized treatment plan to address your dental concerns, meet all your cosmetic needs and treat all oral health issues. 

Thai dentists pride themselves on the quality of dental care they are providing. They utilize some of the latest techniques and dental technology on par with US and European standards.  

The lower cost of dental care in Bangkok allows patients to receive the dental care you deserve while minimizing out-of-pocket charges.

Dentists in Thailand put great emphasis on complex dental issues such as missing teeth, worn or broken teeth.

Thai dentists utilize the most advanced dental technology, especially diagnostic imaging including digital dental x-rays and intraoral photography.

Bangkok dentists are passionate about providing superior quality of dental care to help you look and feel your best.

Dentists Treatments in Bangkok

Dental Crowns Bangkok

Dental crowns Bangkok treatment is a man-made cover specifically designed to encase the top of a tooth. The dental procedure can be used to restore and preserve decayed, broken or cracked tooth. Bangkok dental crowns can also correct some cosmetic tooth issues, giving you a naturally beautiful smile.

Dental Veneers Bangkok

Dental veneers in Bangkok make for an excellent cosmetic remedy for a number of dental conditions that affect the appearance of the front teeth. In most cases, dental veneers are perfect means to restore the natural function and aesthetic appearance of the teeth. They can be fabricated from porcelain, thin and semi-transparent shell-- tailor-made to fit over an existing tooth.

Dental Implants Bangkok

Dental implants in Bangkok are typically made of metal anchors (titanium) designed to be placed into the jawbone to hold permanent teeth or dentures. The treatment affords tremendous stability and fortification to the tooth. 

Sights to See in Bangkok

Palace of the Lettuce Garden (Wang Suan Pakkad) is one of Bangkok’s most pleasant retreats. The peaceful oasis used to the home of Princess Chumbhon of Nakhon Sawan, a passionate art collector and of the country’s most prolific archaeologists. The 19-century teak houses were relocated from Chiang Mai and rebuilt in a lush green.