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May 2015
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Pediatric Heart Surgery in Turkey


Children born with heart defects (congenital) or those who develop heart diseases after birth might need pediatric heart surgery to repair said defects. In some cases they might be necessary immediately after birth and for others there can be a waiting time of a few months or years to have the surgery. Pediatric heart surgeries are performed by heart surgeons in Turkey are who are trained to specially perform them on children.

Pediatric Heart surgery programs in Turkey offers an inclusive surgical program that includes every procedure available for the treatment of pediatric heart disease and defects. During surgery, this individualized approach includes cardiopulmonary bypass and neuroprotection strategies customized to each patient’s condition and needs, helping to ensure optimal outcomes are achieved.

Pediatric heart surgery in Turkey can be a feasible option for patients where there are no facilities and trained surgeons to perform these surgeries in their home countries. Highly experienced surgeons operating out of JCI-accredited hospitals make sure that your child is in safe hands!

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Cost of Pediatric Heart Surgery in Turkey

Resultant of the rising costs of heart surgeries in the US, individuals are looking abroad for heart surgeries at affordable cost.

Turkey boasts premier pediatric heart surgeons, along with comprehensive teams of specialists, focused on providing excellent cardiovascular surgical care for patients.

The pediatric programs in Turkey are extensively redesigned to provide the most advanced techniques and affordable technology available today.