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Autologous Endometrial Coculture in Turkey

Co culture can be an effective treatment for patients of failed previous IVF cycles or poor embryo quality.

Autologous endometrial co culture, or co culture, is a high-tech technique linking a patient’s fertilized eggs on top of a layer of cells from her own uterine lining, creating a more natural environment for embryo development and maximizing the chance for a successful in vitro fertilization pregnancy.

Only a few select centers in the world offer this leading-edge procedure.

Co culture Procedure:

-Endometrial biopsy, a small piece of her uterine lining is removed.

-The uterine lining sample is sent to lab; treated, purified and frozen.

-Begins typical IVF cycle; starts medication to stimulate egg growth.

-Egg retrieval and fertilization with male sperm takes place; Lab begins thawing and growing endometrial cells.

-Fertilization is established; patient’s embryos are layered on top of her new endometrial cells.

-Embryos are closely monitored for growth and development.

-Patient’s embryos are transferred into her uterus for implantation and pregnancy

This process can only take place in well-equipped laboratories with experienced staff. Endometrial co-culture is suitable for patients who had previous experience of slow embryo development and bad quality embryos.

Turkey has some of the world's most renowned IVF clinics and you can find out more about proceeding with IVF in Turkey by contacting the clinics now!

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Turkey is an active Eurasian country. To the South sets the Mediterranean Sea and to the North beholds the Black Sea. It is a concourse of battlegrounds, ruins and the gorgeous palaces of prodigious empires.

Adventure lovers will allude the grand presence of Nemrut Daği National Park. Turkish cities are filled with markets and clubs. Turkish restaurants are stylish and atmospheric, as the cuisine rates as the tastiest in the world.

Great activities to keep you entertained include the 12 Island Tours, visiting the Sultan Ahmed Mosque with its beautiful domes and sky-cutting towers, finding the excitement at the Archaeological Site of Troy, a real treat for anyone truly interested in archeology.

Stop at one of the world’s most famous markets, the Grand Bazaar. You will find anything your heart desires in this popular cultural market!

Wind down with an elegant dinner at the Vogue. The Vogue is a modish restaurant with best views. The lustrous white and chrome decor is a sight to see in itself.

The Swissotel The Bosphorus is a demanding luxury hotel right in the center of Istanbul with 65 acres of historical gardens to discover and indulge in. Visitors can also escape the hustle and bustle and the Best Point Hotel with gorgeous skyline sights, on one side sets the Blue Mosque and on the other side the Hagia Sofia and Marmara.

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Cost of Autologous Endometrial Coculture in Turkey

Endometrial co-culture IVF methods in Turkey are executed by competent doctors and accredited IVF professionals who are dedicated and have a proven track record for IVF methods.

The cost of IVF endometrial co-culture in Turkey is an affordable alternative to the high costs of IVF treatments in the US.

Fertility tourism holds an advantage because of Turkey’s low cost of living and equally, efficient healthcare.