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Well i most say a good thing about the clinic first is staff & my dra anna galindo trias .i were under her treatment observation though i hadn't my success yet coz dis is my first cycle n every time ill be there i feel the positive vibes to b mother again.i strongly recommend to have a visit if u are trying for a baby
October 2015
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته تجربتي مع مركز غرافيدا كانت جدا جيدة،والصراحة مركز ممتاز من ناحية العلاج والاهتمام وطاقم العمل من دكتورة وممرضين ممتاز جدا وايضا من ناحية الترجمة فالاخت خولة ماقصرت معنا بشيء ،والحمدلله وبفضل الله تعالى العملية نجحت .
May 2015
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Egg Donation in Barcelona

Many women who’ve not been able to conceive but want to experience pregnancy and childbirth turn to egg donation. Poor egg quality due to a woman’s advanced age is the most common reason why single women and couples turn to egg donation.

Egg donation Spain is accompanied by a specialized and knowledgeable team within the measures of assisted reproduction which aim is to provide you the maximum quality in regards to diagnostic and fertility treatments.

Egg donation in IVF Barcelona is dedicated to couples in which the woman has poor quality or no eggs, but who want a biological child using the male’s sperm. Women with no ovaries. Women with genetic factors. Women over the age of 39

The Process

Eggs or oocytes are surgically recovered from healthy young donors, generally between 21 to 30 years old - at their reproductive prime and old enough to give informed consent. Egg or oocyte donors undergo psychological and medical screening, which includes a thorough medical history and workup. Donors receive hormone injections to induce a superovulation. A surgeon removes the eggs from the donor’s ovaries. The lab will attempt to fertilize several eggs in vitro (in a laboratory) using the recipient’s partner’s sperm or donated sperm.

Fertilized eggs are then inserted into the recipient’s uterus. If successful, the embryo will attach to the uterine lining and develop into a healthy baby.

Sights to See in Barcelona

With its breathtaking views and an infamous skyline, the artistic legacy of Barcelona is one of the city's most appealing offerings, with splendid museums housing all-embracing collections of the works of Miro and Picasso. Barcelona is the commercial center of the popular vacation region known as the Costa Brava, the northernmost Mediterranean seafront in Spain, as well as the Costa Dorada to the south. The coast is dotted with popular resort towns, many retaining their age-old charm, which can be easily reached from the city.

Barcelona is a shopping mecca, with the city's flair for style reflected in its numerous boutiques and markets. As the sun sets, and the city's many bars and restaurants open, the night comes alive.

The most famous street in Europe, the wide tree-lined boulevard known as La Ramblas, is a long continuous pedestrian avenue lined with cafes, restaurants and shops, and is usually thronged with leisurely walkers enjoying the sights and sounds.

Two palaces dating from the 15th century have been converted into the Picasso Museum, home to one of the most complete collections of works from his youth and formative years as an artist. Pablo Picasso spent his early years in Barcelona and the museum is now the city's top attraction.

A luxurious boutique hotel, ABaC Restaurant and Hotel is tucked away in the upper reaches of the city with a two Michelin starred restaurant, a spa and a glorious garden, all just minutes from the historical city center. The atmosphere is stylish and refined with bright airy rooms and suites decorated in soft tones highlighted by wood flooring and custom made furniture.

Cost of Egg Donation in Barcelona

Clinics in Spain ensure your stay is the most comfortable and enjoyable. Spain has created a natural environment welcoming the utmost relaxation and tranquility that you need.

Clinics in Spain are equipped with the latest technology to ensure the best results, highest success rates and rewarding financial satisfaction during any egg donation procedure.

Assisted reproductive techniques have improved exponentially and the costs for egg donation in Spain have lowered dramatically.