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Memorial IVF, Andrology and Genetic Center in Istanbul, Turkey provides top quality service with its experienced team, strong infrastructure and modern treatment methods. With an experienced team of over 70 experienced, we have accomplished many firsts in Turkey — we are one of the most renowned IVF centers in Europe.

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الحمد الله رزقت بزيد يوم 27/4/2016 ..بعد اجراء العمليات بمستشفى ميمورال في تركيا .شكرا الى كادر ميمورال المختص بهذ الامر الذي بذل كل جهده بخصوص عمليه الانابيب وهذه العمليه الثانيه لي وقد نجحت والحمد الله
April 2016
Excellent patient care facilities. Professional staff. Very good attention from the doctors. Excellent prices. Performs only neccesary tests. On the other hand, staff's English level is low. Even with English speaking coordinator, the egg inducing process is somewhat hectic. Unfortunately in the end we did not get pregnant.
October 2013
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PGD in Turkey

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) offers a way to test patients’ embryos for genetic disorders before transferring them into the uterus. The procedure is particularly useful for patients with a serious, inherited disorder who wish to avoid passing the disorder to their child. PGD also can be used to prevent abnormal pregnancies and it provides explanations for recurrent miscarriages or implantation failures. PGD is performed in combination with in IVF in Turkey.

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) combined with IVF allows couples with an increased risk of passing a genetically inherited disease to their children to screen embryos before implantation. Fertility specialists can remove those with chromosomal defects and use only health embryos for the embryo transfer procedure of IVF.  

Prospective parents considering proceeding with IVF treatment abroad have the option of proceeding with the treatment in Turkey. IVF clinics in Turkey and their qualified staff have a lot of experience in this procedure. To find out more about the option of PGD in Turkey you can contact the clinics now!

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Turkey is a country offering the bustle of Istanbul to the peace and quiet of Izmir, and from the magnificence of Ankara to the wildness of Marmaris.

Beyond the platitudes of beaches and markets, Turkey is one of the most diverse and inspiring countries that you will ever encounter. Take unforgettable pictures at the wonderful Blue Mosque in Istanbul. It is one of the most visited Turkey attractions because of its breath taking views.

The attractions are diverse as you will find a wide variety of treasures. From ruins like ancient Troy to unique natural resources like Pamukkale history buffs will be delighted. The incredible cave churches and monasteries of Cappadocia will leave you inspired. Shopping enthusiasts will be thrilled with markets placed in the rich soils.

Book a night at the the Villa Florya Beach Resort or the Hillside Beach Club. Both resorts offer an entire scale of water sports and exciting activities. Enjoy a Bosphorus River Cruise and see the beautiful cities illuminated at night. The cruise is peaceful and romantic.

Find your inner youthful presence with as you engage in the Turkish nightlife, predominantly animated in clubs, discos, and music venues around the country.

The Turkish bath is sourced from ancient Greece and Rome and is highly embraced at many beach resorts with massage treatments to facials. Rest in tranquility at the Bosphorus Palace Hotel, the Marmara Pera, Dersaadet Hotel, or the Tria Hotel Istanbul.

Cost of PGD in Turkey

Turkey is a predominant fertility travel destination containing JCI-accredited hospitals and clinics.

Turkey ultimately boasts an exemplary international standard of fertility care and medical techniques, including PGD for "medical gender selection."

The cost of PGD in Turkey draws thousands of fertility patients from the US and beyond seeking high quality fertility care with its reasonably priced fees.