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Memorial IVF, Andrology and Genetic Center in Istanbul, Turkey provides top quality service with its experienced team, strong infrastructure and modern treatment methods. With an experienced team of over 70 experienced, we have accomplished many firsts in Turkey — we are one of the most renowned IVF centers in Europe.

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April 2016
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PGD in Istanbul

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is increasingly being implemented at the fertility clinics in Istanbul to dramatically improve the chance of an effective IVF pregnancy in couples where prior IVF failures have remained unexplained.

PGD in Istanbul has afforded doctors the ability to observe far beyond the posturing presence of an embryo. With the advancements in fertility care, it is denoted that some embryos that appear on the surface to be of the maximum quality carry a genetic code that ultimately acquits them as a poor choice for attempting to create a healthy pregnancy.

PGD is also used as one of the most popular forms of gender selection. The gender of a baby is determined by the sex chromosomes. The technique helps to distinguish the embryos which are males from those that are females with extremely high reliability. PGD is the most accurate method to impact the gender of a baby.

Prospective parents considering proceeding with IVF in Turkey have the option of proceeding with the treatment in Istanbul. Highly trained and qualified doctors in Istanbul and their qualified staff members have a lot of experience with this procedure.

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Sights to See in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most prevalent cities in the world. It is the biggest city in Turkey.

Istanbul is home to the famous Beyazit Tower, Bosphorus Villages, Maiden's Tower, and Princes' Islands. Adventurists can relish at the sights of the world-renowned Dolmabahçe Palace or the Ciragan Palace, restored into a luxury hotel.

Istanbul is an old city beholding the remains of many ancient civilizations with modern Turkish culture. Take a stroll through Grand Bazaar and breathe in Turkish history. Shop until you drop under the array of gorgeous commodities and pleasing bouquet of the Egyptian Bazaar.

Unwind in style at the Ciragan Palace Kempinski, one of the world's deluxe luxury hotels. The hotel is concomitant to the 19th-century Palace where the last sultans of the Ottoman Empire lived.

Istanbul is the experience of a lifetime.

Cost of PGD in Istanbul

Whether you are seeking IVF or preimplantation genetic diagnosis or the combination of the two, fertility clinics in Istanbul afford you the best price and best quality for your money.

If you want top quality infertility doctors filtrating high success rates and supported by modern technologies — all at reasonably priced combined with an inexpensive vacation destination, Istanbul is the right choice for you.