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Our prestigious ROMOY Organ Transplant Unit is one of the largest organ transplant centers in the nation. ROMOY is world renowned for its investments, specialization and success stories not only within Turkey — but also around the world.

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Les services de Romoy étaient bien meilleurs que ce à quoi je m'attendais. Dès mon arrivée à Istanbul, j'ai reçu un excellent service à l'aéroport, à l'hôtel, à l'hôpital jusqu'à la dernière minute. Allah est témoin de ma satisfaction.
February 2018
I wanted to thank you VisitandCare and Romoy. before coming to Turket, Visitandcare team support me psychologically. I was too weak because of my heart and I was thinking I could not be survived. When they convinced me to come Turkey, Romoy was taking care of all. As result, I was totally cured and have a wonderfull relation with them. They also gaved me a loyalty card named A plus which was awesome. Now I knwo that I will always be safe.
October 2014
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Organ Transplant

Organ transplantation has become one of the most common surgeries in the medical world. It is a life-saving option for patients suffering from organ diseases. With the aid of clinical research and modern-day technology, the success rates of organ transplantation have increased by leaps and bounds.

Today organ transplantation surgeries are relatively safe and successful in many parts of the world, giving patients another chance of leading a better quality of living. Organ donation is a selfless, altruistic act to help a patient or a loved one with organ failure to live a longer life.

In a world like ours where everyday a new disease is discovered, we are all plagued with one disease or another. Organ failure can be caused by a handful of factors; from systematic hypertension to diabetes. Organ damage can result from the precipitation of heavy metals and toxic compounds in the patient’s body from excessive use of drugs.

Despite the advent of medical advances and groundbreaking technology, still there are millions of patients that die each year from organ damage. Organ transplantation can save a patient’s life by transplanting an organ of dead or living donor, who perhaps a relative or an anonymous donor, willing to make a selfless act.

Kidney, heart, liver and bone marrow are the most common organ failure conditions and are now effectively treated by organ transplantation surgeries. Kidney and livers can be transplanted from a living donor, since people are born two kidneys and the liver is regenerative.

The most obvious and miraculous benefit of organ transplant operations is that patients are given another chance to have a better quality of life. For patients who received vital donated organs like hearts, a large percentage of them have a longer lifespan.

Organ Transplant Options

Kidney, heart, liver and bone marrow are the most common organ failure conditions and are now effectively treated by organ transplantation surgeries.

Kidney transplant surgery is the latest in organ transplantation surgery designed to treat patients who have kidney or renal failure. The surgery aims at replacing a diseased kidney with a healthy one. The transplanted kidney takes over the work of two kidneys that have failed.

The success rates of kidney transplantation have increased during the last decade and the chances of having a successful surgery is significantly higher than other kinds of organ transplants.

Kidney transplant is one of the most cost-effective treatments in organ transplant as it allows patients save up on repeated dialysis and hospitals fees. Due to the spike in kidney failure and other kidney-related diseases, the demand for kidney transplant outweighs the supply of organ donors.

Liver transplant or hepatic transplantation is the surgical process of replacing a diseased liver with a donated, healthier liver. In recent years, liver transplant has become a commonly performed surgery helping patients suffering from end-stage liver disease lead a better quality of life.

Bone marrow transplant operation is a method of treating one of the most serious forms of leukemia and lymphoma, including other diseases such as aplastic anemia and other metabolic diseases.

Bone marrow transplant abroad offers a wide range of marrow and cord blood transplants, performed at state-of-the-art and technologically advanced medical facilities.

Cost of Organ Transplant

The demand for organ transplants simply outweighs the supply of donated organs, particularly in the US and Europe. The high cost of the organ transplantation surgery and limited supply of organ donors have driven many patients to explore other countries offering affordable transplants. Affordable organ transplants are being offered in many countries overseas.

Organ transplant surgery overseas cost 20% cheaper of the overall surgery cost in the US and Europe, whereas healthcare standards are on par with the US.

It is more cost-effective for kidney-damaged patients to undergo a kidney transplant surgery, once and for all, than having to take repeated dialysis in hospitals or renal centers.