Liver Transplant in Turkey

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ROMOY Healthcare - Organ Transplant Unit Verified

Our prestigious ROMOY Organ Transplant Unit is one of the largest organ transplant centers in the nation. ROMOY is world renowned for its investments, specialization and success stories not only within Turkey — but also around the world.

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Les services de Romoy étaient bien meilleurs que ce à quoi je m'attendais. Dès mon arrivée à Istanbul, j'ai reçu un excellent service à l'aéroport, à l'hôtel, à l'hôpital jusqu'à la dernière minute. Allah est témoin de ma satisfaction.
February 2018
I wanted to thank you VisitandCare and Romoy. before coming to Turket, Visitandcare team support me psychologically. I was too weak because of my heart and I was thinking I could not be survived. When they convinced me to come Turkey, Romoy was taking care of all. As result, I was totally cured and have a wonderfull relation with them. They also gaved me a loyalty card named A plus which was awesome. Now I knwo that I will always be safe.
October 2014
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Memorial Hospitals Group - Organ Transplantation Center Verified

Memorial Health Group is one of the region’s leading medical establishments dedicated to delivering life-changing treatments by harnessing the power of technology and clinical research.

Liver Transplant in Turkey

Turkey has earned a name for its self as the leader in medical tourism and the world's center for organ transplants, particularly liver transplant surgery. Organ transplant in Turkey has been providing organ transplantation surgeries to both locals and international patients, treating all types of organ failure, including kidney transplant and bone marrow transplant. Liver transplant or hepatic transplant is a surgical procedure which replaces a diseased liver with a healthier liver from a matching donor.

Many patients in the US who suffer from end-stage liver failure can’t incur the costs of organ transplant procedures. This is resultant of a growing number of patients from the US and Europe opting for liver transplant overseas to benefit of the reduced cost of surgery and superior medical care. Choosing to undergo liver transplant surgery in Turkey gives patients the chance to stay longer in the hospital under the doctor’s supervision until the pain and discomfort completely subsides. Other contributing factors that keep hundreds of patients pouring in for liver transplant in Turkey are the shorter waiting lists and higher survival rates.

The availability of organ donors in Turkey also make the surgery waiting time significantly shorter than the US and Canada. Turkey offers safe and reliable medical facilities for liver transplantation, paired with reduced cost and life-saving medical treatments. Medical facilities and research centers in Turkey are active in both clinical and basic science research, aiming to achieve medical achievements in the organ transplantation field through research and advanced surgical techniques. Istanbul is the heartbeat of Turkey; it is home to a large number of business centers and first-rate medical institutions.

Sights to See in Turkey

Turkey propositions a mixture of sceneries and activities. If you are a history buff or a sun believer, there is a touch of something for everyone.

Istanbul is a fascinating city to explore with its wild markets, royal minarets, and lively ambience of historical museums and culture.

Ephesus is one of the world's almighty historical venues. The city has recently become a vast port and commercial trading center providing tourists many considerations.

Bring out your romantic side in Turkey. Troy draws tourists and archaeologists alike, where you can get an up-close view of the replica of the famed Trojan horse.

Enjoy the natural world amusements encompassed at the Ankara's Natural History Museum, containing fascinating exhibits detailing the wildlife of Anatolia.

Dalyan is a largely undeveloped, tranquil village offering a significant number of natural and historical attractions, as well as classic Turkish friendliness and hospitality. Stroll the nearby Iztuzu beach or just relish the area's astounding natural beauty.

Cost of Liver Transplant in Turkey

Liver transplant abroad, specifically in Turkey, is a cost effective option for patients who find it difficult to afford one in their home country, as well as a relief to the long waiting lists. Turkey offers affordable advanced treatment facilities and treatments.

The cost of a liver transplant surgery in the US can fluctuate between $250,000-$350,000. Traveling abroad to Turkey significantly reduces the costs. State-of-the-art medical facilities provide treatments that are much more affordable.

Organ transplant surgeries are one of the most expensive and time altering surgeries. Finding a donor along with the prolonged recovery period and lifelong medication can make liver transplant difficult to afford. Medical tourism in Turkey offers advanced medical facilities and treatments by highly qualified and experienced doctors at affordable rates.