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ROMOY Healthcare - Organ Transplant Unit Verified

Our prestigious ROMOY Organ Transplant Unit is one of the largest organ transplant centers in the nation. ROMOY is world renowned for its investments, specialization and success stories not only within Turkey — but also around the world.

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Les services de Romoy étaient bien meilleurs que ce à quoi je m'attendais. Dès mon arrivée à Istanbul, j'ai reçu un excellent service à l'aéroport, à l'hôtel, à l'hôpital jusqu'à la dernière minute. Allah est témoin de ma satisfaction.
February 2018
I wanted to thank you VisitandCare and Romoy. before coming to Turket, Visitandcare team support me psychologically. I was too weak because of my heart and I was thinking I could not be survived. When they convinced me to come Turkey, Romoy was taking care of all. As result, I was totally cured and have a wonderfull relation with them. They also gaved me a loyalty card named A plus which was awesome. Now I knwo that I will always be safe.
October 2014
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Memorial Hospitals Group - Organ Transplantation Center Verified

Memorial Health Group is one of the region’s leading medical establishments dedicated to delivering life-changing treatments by harnessing the power of technology and clinical research.

Organ Transplant Turkey

During the last decade, there has been a steady increase in the number of patients in need of organ transplantation. Around 60,000 patients are on a waiting list for donated kidneys in the US. There is a chronic shortage of organs such as hearts, kidneys, and livers around the world. Many patients die while they are waiting on their turn for organ transplantation surgery. In addition to in the indefinite surgery waiting time, the cost of organ transplantations offered in Europe and the US are very expensive.

Fortunately with the aid of science and modern technology, organ transplantation surgeries are becoming more common and viable option to save a patient’s life. The healthcare industry has witnessed a growing number of countries that are offering affordable organ transplantation options, while using the highest level of healthcare standards.

Turkey is no stranger to affordable and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities; it is among the world’s most popular destinations for inexpensive medical tourism. Healthcare institutions and medical facilities in Turkey take pride in being a leading provider for organ transplantation surgeries and other chronic medical conditions. Organ donation is a selfless, altruistic act to help a patient or a loved one with organ failures to live a longer life. Some organs are donated after the donor has died, while other organs can be donated by living healthy friends or relatives who are willing to save a loved one’s life.


Organ Transplant Options in Turkey

Organ transplantation in Turkey offers multi-organ transplant programs, replacing kidney, liver and bone marrow and other live and multi-organ transplantation. Liver and kidney transplantations in Turkey are widely available and being successfully performed in world-class medical centers and clinics.

Kidney Transplant in Turkey:
Compared to other organ transplants-- like heart, lung or liver-- kidney transplants, also known as renal transplantation, are the second most common transplant surgery in the US. It is considered an easier and less complicated surgery. There are two types of kidney transplantation: cadaveric and living donor. Transplant physicians attribute the high success rates of kidney transplantation in Turkey to their refined surgical techniques and the advanced technology used in the operation.

Liver Transplant in Turkey:
Liver transplantation operations in Turkey are offered in world-class transplant centers with specialist surgeons, hepatologists, and many ancillary staff. In most cases liver transplantation is usually performed only if a patient suffers from end stage liver disease. A large number of live disorders can cause chronic inflammation and cirrhosis.

Bone Marrow Transplant in Turkey:
Turkey provides compassionate, personalized care, treating each patient with a customized care plan. Turkey offers programs for both autologous and allogeneic transplants, performing related and unrelated donor transplants including cord blood transplants and is among the top programs in the world.

Sights to See in Turkey

Turkey is incorporated with grand spaces, mountain ranges, vastly emerging cities and sleepy towns, timely erotic resorts and gorgeous beaches.

Do you enjoy horseback riding? Tourists can enjoy a picturesque ride along the banks of the Red River, ride through Cappadocia's famed land, visit the natural springs at Kalker Lake or adore remarkable views from the top of Ziyaret Mountain.

Must See Attractions: Goreme National Park, Uchisar and Ortahisar rock fortress, and the Red Valley. See the romantic sunset high above the ground in one of the most magical and brilliant destinations in the world.

Visit the Blue Mosque, with its tiers of magnificent domes and six graceful minarets, affording the discovery of the most distinguishable structure.

Be enthralled atop the Topkapi Sarayi, involving an extensive collection of buildings arranged around several interlocking piazzas.

Explore the ancient site of Olympus and worship Vulcan, the God of Fire. Witness the power of the Galata, a tower offering a 360 degree view of the old town.

As Turkey's leading seaside vacation destination, Bodrum offers unspoiled, charming Turkish character, perfecting the balance between exotic bazaars, ancient history, and the grand nightlife that is notorious throughout Turkey.