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VITA was established in 1991 and was registered as the first private health institution in Sofia on April 1,1992. Since then, more than 300,000 people have obtained our elite medical assistance.

Dr Dinev did a amazing job and I am very pleased with his work, he was helpful and good at what he does. The staff in the hospital we're very friendly and I would recommend others to go there for treatments.
September 2016
Dr. Dinev was fantastic...I highly recommend him, he is straightforward and honest, and does a great job!!!
August 2015
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Hip Resurfacing in Bulgaria

Hip resurfacing surgery is one of the orthopedic surgeries in Bulgaria that offer a viable alternative to the more invasive hip replacement surgery. In this procedure, the femoral head is given a new shape in order to be linked with a metal cup. The metal device is placed into the pelvis, to complete the work. Mobility after hip resurfacing surgery is key and rehabilitation begins immediately after the procedure is completed.

The private health sector in Bulgaria operates at the highest standards and uses the latest in diagnostic and surgical technologies. Clinical staff are highly trained and speak English. Facilities and accommodation are first class.

Our hospital offering hip resurfacing in Bulgaria is located in Sofia, the country’s capital and one of the oldest cities in Europe. Since the hospital opened in 1991 as the first establishment to offer private health care in Bulgaria, over 300,000 people have received treatment there. Hip resurfacing is one of the many orthopedic procedures offered and the clinical teams are experts in their fields.

Bulgaria is a great place to visit and to recuperate with flight times of less than 4 hours from UK. With a warm climate and welcoming culture, choosing to have your hip resurfacing surgery in Bulgaria offers you both the treatment you need and the chance to visit this beautiful country.

Already a popular tourist destination, Bulgaria now attracts many people who choose it as their destination for orthopedic treatments, such as hip resurfacing.

Sights to See in Bulgaria

Bulgaria gives way to mighty mountains, enveloped by golden beaches and vivacious cities. Bulgaria is home to beautiful beach and ski resorts intensifying rapidly as a low-priced destination option.

The main cities are more vibrant and attractive than ever, with well-maintained concourses, shopping havens for the young and old and a lively crew of nightlife inhabitances.

Explore Belogradchik, nestled in the Balkan Mountains. Be mesmerized by the Belogradchik fortress, the primeval Magura Cave on Rabisha Lake, and the Belogradchik Rocks, an incredible array of colorful rock formations.

Get lost around the beautiful cobbled streets and picturesque houses or visit the Roman Amphitheater. Bulgaria hosts lively converted shops, cafés and galleries.

Dinner is a premier experience with traditional music and dancing, especially in tasty Sofia restaurants. The wide varieties of national dishes are not to miss.

Discover the architectural styles of the capital, Sofia, with swaggering museums, churches, art galleries and opera houses. The fabulous Nevski Memorial Church is a famed sight.

Adventurers can go horse riding through the Danube Valley, the Balkan, Rila and Stara Planina mountains or the Valley of Roses.

Unwind in one of Bulgaria's many luxurious spas. Ancient mineral multiplexes are near mineral springs that complement the top hotels near the Black Sea coast.

Cost of Hip Resurfacing in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is not only a fantastic destination for those seeking a vacation hotspot, but it also has an ever increasing medical tourism phenomenon which bids tourists treatment of the highest quality despite the fact that the costs are low.

Hip resurfacing in Bulgaria not only offers a fascinating vacation in a beautiful country full of culture and history but also low-cost where quality is never compromised.