Botox in Mexico

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Elaen Plastic Surgery Center Guadalajara Verified

Elaen Plastic Surgery Center Guadalajara offers patients the latest in medical technology and unsurpassed dedication to patient satisfaction. Our services include plastic surgery for the face, body, and breasts — as well as skin rejuvenation and hair transplantation. Our goal is to continually pursue excellence in plastic surgery and hair loss treatments.

Elaen's public relations personnel, Lori Payne, answered all my questions and concerns, arrange all my appointments as well as follow up very quickly to accommodate my schedule. Dr. Alejandro was very professional, extremely knowledgable and very personable. My results for the arm lift perfectly matched my vision. I received stellar service throughout the entire process, including hospital staff, and the entire process took minimal amount of time. I strongly recommend Elaen, Dr. Alejandro and the location of my hospital stay to anyone considering surgery
April 2016
Superb! Dr. Alejandro, Lori the coordinator, nurses and the entire staff were outstanding. They answered all questions professionally, clearly, patiently and promptly about the surgery and post-op expectations. They offered the latest approved surgical techniques. The follow-up care was excellent. Dr. Alejandro's credentials are sterling. The hospital is state-of-the art in Zapópan near Guadalajara. It can hold its own with the finest in any country. It is also aesthetically pleasing. Patient care is superb. I researched carefully, as you should, where to have my plastic surgery performed. Elaen was an excellent choice all round. Do not fear coming to Elaen in Guadalajara in any way. The city and the colonial gem, Tlaquepaque, nearby are safe, beautiful, filled with cultural activities and fine cuisine. The Mexican people are universally kind and cordial. I recommend that you stay fairly near to the hospital in any number of delightful places in Mexico should there be any minor glitches. Combining your healing process with a pleasant vacation will take your mind off things. Lori is a goldmine of information on what you might enjoy. Am I glad I chose Elaen to get rid of my "turkey wattle?" Absolutely. The results look terrific.
April 2015
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Elaen Plastic Surgery Center Puerto Vallarta Verified

Elaen Plastic Surgery Center Puerto Vallarta offers patients the latest in medical technology and unsurpassed dedication to patient satisfaction. Our services include plastic surgery for the face, body, and breasts — as well as skin rejuvenation and hair transplantation. Our goal is to continually pursue excellence in plastic surgery and hair loss treatments.

Very positive. Pre and post operative care were well explained. Most discolouration was gone within 11 days
February 2018
I had a good experience in the hospital. The staff took great care of me. Not all of the staff speaks English but there is some one there that dose.
March 2015
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BM Plastic Surgery Verified

At the top plastic surgery center in Tijuana, BM Plastic Surgery, our primary goal is to help our patients achieve outstanding results with the best treatment experience. Mexico’s leading cosmetic surgeons set the bar high — with the highest standards of care from the very beginning. Conveniently located 15 minutes from the airport in San Diego, California, our plastic surgery team in Tijuana focuses their practice and research into advanced technique-sensitive procedures. Our rigorous selection criteria ensures that only the most experienced, well-trained physicians are part of the BajaMed Plastic Surgery team.

My Medical Vacations Plastic Surgery Verified

My Medical Vacations Plastic Surgery is a leading plastic surgery provider in Mexico that aims to offer the highest standards of aesthetic treatments and medical tourism service in North America.

Hello, Everyone! Tomorrow I go home after a surgery I stressed so much about having away from home. What a relief to know my worries were for nothing. All of you, Betty, Ana, Alex, Paco and of course Dr. Samano took the utmost care to everything I needed before and after. I might add the family and Friends stressed even more than I did, and I was the one having surgery!! Betty talked to them personally and answer all their questions as well. Thank you so much to everyone helping achieve a goal I wanted a very long time.
July 2017
From the very first contact I had with MyMedical Vacations (Katie), via the MyMedical Vacations website portal, was so helpful. Katie’s professionalism, punctuality in responding to requests, questions, and her knowledge of all to do with the procedures and the area was beyond exemplary. Katie also provided information and contacts required for hotel arrangements. For example, Katie went to great lengths to find me a travel agent to help arrange with my hotel that I wanted to stay in after my surgery and all other necessary things to get me there. I was also provided information on all aspects of the procedures, the information regarding appointments and processes and payments. After I arrived in Cancun I was promptly met at the airport, quickly taken to my hotel where reservations had been made for me…. then I started meeting the team. The team is with you for all appointments, lab work, trips to the office visits, hospital. I cannot say enough good things about everyone of the team that I met. Paco, Bettye, and Ana (my nurse). Everyone went above and beyond for me. I felt safe and never had to worry about anything. It made my whole trip worry free. I will use them again the very near future.
July 2017
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Botox in Mexico

Botox is the most sought-after dermal filler procedure that is able to erase years from your neck or face. However the exorbitant costs of Botox in the US and Europe had everyone on the prowl for cheaper destinations. Luckily, US residents don’t have to venture far for Botox with Mexico lying right under their nose. Botox in Mexico is a easy and simple procedure right across the border.

Mexico is a haven for the medical tourism industry and for affordable plastic surgeries, combining the idea package for rejuvenation and fun. English-speaking, US board-certified plastic surgery Mexico doctors and offer nothing but exceptional service in fully certified state-of-the-art clinics with high-tech recovery techniques, from the operating theatres, modern hospitals, recovery suits, to private rooms.

Botox injections in Mexico

Catering to patients coming from all over the world, Mexico aesthetic clinics never compromise on quality, boasting the maximum safety, latest dermal filler technology, highly skilled plastic surgeons, and surgical nurses with years of experience in plastic surgery. The treatment of Botox reduces the appearance of wrinkles and weakens the muscles into which it is injected, thus minimizing visible lines. Botox injections are designed to give you the youthful appearance you are looking for. Skillful Botox injections require experience and understanding of the anatomy. There are some areas of the face targeted for Botox treatments like the wrinkles of the frown muscles between eyebrows, transverse forehead lines, and crow’s feet lines around the eyes are the most common areas injected with Botox. More advanced techniques can improve the appearance of the area around the mouth, chin, or even neck.

The procedure lasts only for 10 minutes or less; there is no need for recovery time. It only takes a few days to see the effect on the skin. Generally, the skin improvement can last up to 4 months. The effect may vary from one person to another, and it depends on the health history and lifestyle of the patient. The best candidates for Botox are men and women who suffer from muscle tension in the face and aim at attaining a youthful look. The ideal patient is in general good health, and is realistic about the scope and results of the procedure.

Sights to See in Mexico

Mexico is a vacationer's paradise, a country that tailors to seemingly every type of traveler. Mexico is one of the most visited, well-trodden countries of Latin America, best known for its beaches, warm generosity, and beauty.

Connecting the 21st century to the vibrant past, local dancers and drummers perform at the Zocalo, a public plaza surrounded by famous landmarks such as the Metropolitan Cathedral and Palacio National. Chapultepec Park, with its popular anthropology museum, and the ancient canals of Xochimilco offer endless family activities.

Spend your vacation days snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding, or just relaxing on the beach. For fun in the sun or a pure kid-friendly holiday, head to the nearby water parks Xcaret and Xel-Ha.

Puerto Vallarta is a perfect getaway to smell romance in the air. Take a snorkeling excursion for two, swim with dolphins, or hike the foothills together.

San Miguel de Allende affords you the option to walk along cobblestone streets or celebrate with a local festival.

Cost of Botox in Mexico

Factors that would affect Botox injections cost are the location, standards of living, and prices of goods and services. Mexico is ranked the most value for your money, cost- effective countries when considering plastic surgery procedures, even with a simple treatment like Botox.

So hop a flight to Mexico and take advantage of the low cost yet luxurious confinement of resort suite. Enjoy poolside lounging, fine dining, and barefoot walks in the surf; all while you look younger from Botox, a non-invasive plastic surgery in Mexico.