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Elaen Plastic Surgery Center Guadalajara offers patients the latest in medical technology and unsurpassed dedication to patient satisfaction. Our services include plastic surgery for the face, body, and breasts — as well as skin rejuvenation and hair transplantation. Our goal is to continually pursue excellence in plastic surgery and hair loss treatments.

Mexico has incredible hospitals, clean, patients are treated with total care, professionally Dr Enrique and his team take their job very seriously and give the best results one would expect.
March 2020
Elaen's public relations personnel, Lori Payne, answered all my questions and concerns, arrange all my appointments as well as follow up very quickly to accommodate my schedule. Dr. Alejandro was very professional, extremely knowledgable and very personable. My results for the arm lift perfectly matched my vision. I received stellar service throughout the entire process, including hospital staff, and the entire process took minimal amount of time. I strongly recommend Elaen, Dr. Alejandro and the location of my hospital stay to anyone considering surgery
April 2016
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Brow Lift in Guadalajara

Browplasty also known as the forehead lift or brow lift is a plastic surgery procedure that is designed to raise the eyebrows to a more aesthetically pleasing position on the face, creating a more youthful appearance for saggy or droopy brows that have a naturally sad or tired appearance. Its rejuvenating effects also correct the lateral lines on the forehead and deep creases between the eyebrows that develop with age.

The reduced cost of brow lifts in Mexico make the treatment highly popular among men and women. Brow lifts leave skin smoother, softer and more youthful. Plastic surgoens in Mexico are available to answer questions pertaining to brow lifts and schedule initial consultations.

The highly experienced English-speaking plastic surgeons in Guadalajara communicate easily with patients to ensure they are satisfied with their results. .

As a form of facial rejuvenation, a brow lift in Guadalajara is a way for patients to appear younger without anyone knowing they underwent treatment. Individuals are drawn to Guadalajara, Mexico for a number of historical and cultural reasons. Therefore, a patient receiving a brow lift in Guadalajara simultaneously enjoys a unique vacation in a culturally-rich environment.

Brow lifts eliminate lines on the forehead and raise the eyelids to improve the face’s appearance. By eliminating visible signs of stress and age from the face, brow lift patients are left feeling younger and rejuvenated – a perfect feeling for exploring the historic downtown filled with beautiful squares and public parks.

Contact a surgeon today for more information about the cost of brow lifts in Guadalajara.

Sights to See in Guadalajara

Guadalajara is a striking city in Mexico withstanding lovely beaches and sparkling coastlines.

The city is home to San Roque Park and the Palacio del Infantado, the site of the Mendoza family is a world-renowned tourist attraction because it is the oldest remaining building built in a pure Renaissance style. Pedro Gonzalez de Mendoza became the Great Cardinal of Spain and principal consultant to the Catholic Kings.

Amidst the sparkling skyscrapers and dramatic modern architecture, Guadalajara's historic center is full of appeal and sophisticated structures. Guadalajara is also home to plazas, horse-drawn carriages converted streets and pleasant parks.

Amparito Roca and Diego’s offer delicious cuisine and charming atmospheres.

Tranquility awaits you at the Hacienda El Carmen Resort And Spa, elegant and enriching to the eyes and the heart.

Cost of Brow Lift in Guadalajara

The cost of a brow lift in Guadalajara, Mexico is significantly cheaper than in countries like the United States. Brow lifts in Guadalajara allow patients a discrete and cost-effective way to enhance their appearance.

As the cost of health care continues to sharply increase in the United States traveling abroad for Brow Lift Surgery in Guadalajara comes with a lower price tag.

Guadalajara gives you a trustworthy, superior medical experience at affordable costs.