Sex Change Srs in Thailand

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Sex Change Surgery in Thailand

Sexual reassignment surgery is a medical procedure for people suffering from a condition known as gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria.

Gender identity disorder is marked by constant confusion about one’s sexual identify and the feeling of being trapped in the body of the wrong sex.

Commonly known as sex-change operation, sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) can be a feasible option for both male-female transgender and female-male transgender individuals.

Thailand is notorious for its sex-change operations and face feminization treatments, attracting hundreds of patients looking to change their gender or to gain feminine look and feel.

Plastic surgeons in Thailand are renowned for delivering aesthetically attractive options and functional result s for patients seeking sexual reassignment procedures.

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Cost of Sex Change Surgery in Thailand

The nature of this type of procedure and being classified as an elective plastic surgery treatment, sexual reassignment surgery in the US can be exceedingly expensive.

Traveling for sexual reassignment surgery in Thailand you will be able to save a whopping 70 per cent on your treatment and enjoy a vacation in paradise.