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Elaen Plastic Surgery Center Guadalajara offers patients the latest in medical technology and unsurpassed dedication to patient satisfaction. Our services include plastic surgery for the face, body, and breasts — as well as skin rejuvenation and hair transplantation. Our goal is to continually pursue excellence in plastic surgery and hair loss treatments.

Mexico has incredible hospitals, clean, patients are treated with total care, professionally Dr Enrique and his team take their job very seriously and give the best results one would expect.
March 2020
Elaen's public relations personnel, Lori Payne, answered all my questions and concerns, arrange all my appointments as well as follow up very quickly to accommodate my schedule. Dr. Alejandro was very professional, extremely knowledgable and very personable. My results for the arm lift perfectly matched my vision. I received stellar service throughout the entire process, including hospital staff, and the entire process took minimal amount of time. I strongly recommend Elaen, Dr. Alejandro and the location of my hospital stay to anyone considering surgery
April 2016
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Thigh Lift in Guadalajara

A thigh lift is a meticulous method of removing unwarranted fatty tissue and skin from the thighs to enhance the shape of the legs. Thigh lift in Mexico is frequently used to inverse the effects of aging, extreme variations in weight and a loss of elasticity.

Guadalajara provides great facilities for patients looking to proceed with plastic surgery in Mexico. A thigh lift in Guadalajara is especially suited for those patients looking to combine their surgery needs with a city break.

Patients can save money without compromising on quality. Find out more about your options of proceeding with the thigh lift in Guadalajara now!

Sights to See in Guadalajara

Mexico's second largest city, Guadalajara is situated in the state of Jalisco. Guadalajara is a central city of colonial riches.

Mexico's most successful export, Tequila, calls Guadalajara home. Tequila is made from the Blue Maguey plant. Guadalajara is one of the main Tequila producing areas in Mexico. Enjoy a tour of one of the tequila plants.

Guadalajara is home to attractive colonial churches. Visit the Templo de la Merced, built around 1650; set your sights upon the Santuario de Nuestra Señora del Carmen, filled with gold decoration and some nice murals; or make a stop at the Templo de Aranzazu, completed around 1752.

The Regional Museum of Guadalajara, built in the 17th century, hosts a collection of work depicting the history of western Mexico and is a must see attraction.

Guadalajara has a wide selection of nightclubs and trendy venues to keep you buzzing all night long. Or perhaps shopping is more your style. The Centro Historico and the maze-like Mercado Libertad bring the hustle and bustle of hard-core shoppers.

Relax at the Old Guadalajara Hotel situated near several old churches and government buildings, and furnished with colorful tile floors and colonial Mexican accents. The De Mendoza Hotel is a modern haven that includes a jogging track, an outdoor pool, a hot tub, and a health club.

Renew yourself in Guadalajara today!

Cost of Thigh Lift in Guadalajara

The cost of thigh lift surgery affords you savings at up to 70% cheaper than other countries. The savings can be used for an excellent ocean front escape.

From gorgeous beaches, glistening coastlines and delicious cuisine, Guadalajara is the perfect place to rest and renew after thigh lift surgery.

Over two million Americans seek healthcare from Mexico each year due to the low cost of plastic surgery abroad. What does Guadalajara have for you? It is the best location for specialist procedures at affordable costs.