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We are dedicated to perfecting the newest dental care techniques and treatments to offer patients not only optimal oral health, but extraordinary services at every visit.

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Patient Reviews

VisitandCare - Cosmetic Dentistry

Ana - 31-Oct-2014

“You received personalized attention, I really like that someone calls me one day before to remind me my appointment and that they open Saturdays and sundays in extended open hours. The doctor explained me all the treatment I felt comfortable. I didn´t had to wait to be treated ”

VisitandCare - Cosmetic Dentistry

ellie fish - 30-Oct-2014

“The doctor was very professional, he listened to what I wanted.I felt relaxed and confident. I saved around 1500usd in getting my veneers. ”

VisitandCare - Cosmetic Dentistry

Romel - 14-Oct-2014

“Good job Dr. Jesus, i will be coming back ”

VisitandCare - Cosmetic Dentistry

Lorena - 14-Oct-2014

“I really like the service and staff, I´m so glad I went here ”

VisitandCare - Cosmetic Dentistry

Lilia - 14-Oct-2014

“great attention, Dr. Explained very clearly every part of the procedure and diagnos. ”

VisitandCare - Cosmetic Dentistry

George - 14-Oct-2014

“Dr.Miranda is excellent, congratulations. It´s clearly that he has lots of experience. ”

VisitandCare - Cosmetic Dentistry

Gabriela - 14-Oct-2014

“they delivery what they promise”

VisitandCare - Cosmetic Dentistry

Cecilia - 04-Sep-2014

“Clean facilities, nice and great attention ”

VisitandCare - Cosmetic Dentistry

Michelle - 04-Sep-2014

“Good attention, great doctor ”

VisitandCare - Cosmetic Dentistry

Maryn - 04-Sep-2014

“a wonderful experience, the doctor and staff very friendly, helpful and informative ”

VisitandCare - Cosmetic Dentistry

Karla - 04-Sep-2014

“attention is always great here ”

VisitandCare - Cosmetic Dentistry

Horacio - 04-Sep-2014

“excellent ”

VisitandCare - Cosmetic Dentistry

Claudia - 04-Sep-2014

“excellent attention ”

VisitandCare - Cosmetic Dentistry

Finochietti - 24-Jun-2014


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Mexico City ,Mexico

Travel Info

VisitandCare - Cosmetic Dentistry

Language: Spanish

Mexico GPS
  • Latitude: 20.6296
  • Longitude:-87.0739
  • Currency: Peso (MXN)
  • Climate: Average Daily Temp 75-82 F (24 to 28 °C)
  • Capital: Mexico City
  • Major Airport(s): Mexico City International Airport
  • Electricity: 127V 60Hz
  • Time Zone: UTC −6/Summer UTC −8
  • Calling Code:


What to See

Enjoy the diverse culture and attractions this city has options for you. Our Mexico City clinics are located inside shopping malls, in a safe environment that are located near many hotels.

Mexico City offers one of the most vibrant and colorful locales in the world. Sprawling across many miles, the city has a vibe that is both edgy and modern.

The picturesque and quaint charm of Mexico City offers easy access to the intriguing past of Mexican culture, enticing white sand beaches, stunning golf courses and inspirational views of the Caribbean Sea.

Explore the fascinating sights of Mexico City:

    Anthropological Museum

    Chapultepec Castle

    Pyramids-Archeological Site

    San Angel Flea Market

    Xochimilco-Floating Gardens

What to Savor

Mexico City has a flavor all of its own. The restaurants proudly offer a rich culinary tradition — embossed by chocolate, corn and the tomato.

Pujol is well known as one of the most interesting gastronomic restaurants in Mexico City.

San Angel Inn is an old Carmelite monastery converted into an extraordinary restaurant, located in the southern part of Mexico City.

Where to Stay

Stylish. Sophisticated. Soothing.

The hotels of Mexico City bring together modish suites and peaceful spots to rest and recover from the excitement.

Favorites include: Condesa DF, Las Alcobas, and Hotel Habita.