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Recently, lead plastic surgeon, Dr. Granado Tiagonce, sat down with our team to discuss the highly sought-after tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure. read more

Glaucoma is a complicated disease in which damage to the optic nerve leads to progressive, irreversible vision loss. The LondonOC (The London Ophthalmology Centre) is now offering the most innovative treatment available today — XEN Gel Implants. read more

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Medical tourism is on the rise — as more than a million Americans have left the United States to have medical care abroad. It is a high-growth industry driven by globalization and the impractical healthcare costs in many areas of the globe. read more

Hair Transplant

Led by visionary hair transplant surgeons, Clinica Ceta is combining extensive research with a variety of artistic techniques to enhance the efficiency of the each hair transplant procedure. read more

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CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico truly understands the variables that contribute to any successful surrogacy journey in Mexico and has put together a team of experts to help individuals build the family of their dreams.Read more

Extensively trained to care for metabolic and bariatric surgery patients in Santo Domingo, the weight loss clinic understands that weight loss is a journey with absorbing and complex challenges, and is prepared to help every patient accomplish their weight-loss goals one-by-one.Read more