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  • Croatia Cosmetic Dentists Creating Remarkable Smiles
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 177 0
    Cosmetic dentistry in Croatia aims to improve your dental appearance by removing unattractive dental irregularities, dental stains, dental gaps, and abnormal tooth shape with progressive restorations, bleaching, veneers and cosmetic contouring. The clinics in Croatia provide the latest cosmetic dentistry's techniques and materials and ensure the highest standard of dental more
  • Dubai Emerges as Dream Plastic Surgery Destination
    Posted on By By: Ilhem Issaoui 208 0
    Dubai has dawned on the international level as one of the few captivating destinations for medical tourism and has become known as the world’s plastic surgery hub. According to CNN, the plastic surgery boost in Dubai has ended the epoch for patients traveling miles away to Brazil, Beverly Hills and Beirut for the latest trends in plastic more
  • Leading Dental Clinic in Los Algodones Appealing to US Patients
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 422 0
    Herminias Dental Clinic in Mexico holds over 15 years of proven experience and provides affordable dental services to international and local patients. The expert team includes a top Root Canal Specialist, Surgeon Dentist and a Dental Prosthodontist. The dental clinic is located in Los Algodones — within walking distance from the US-Mexico more
  • The Joy of Parenthood: Interview with New Parent at CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 5 0

    CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico truly understands the variables that contribute to any successful surrogacy journey in Mexico and has put together a team of experts to help individuals build the family of their dreams. more
  • Top Bariatric Surgeon in Santo Domingo Dedicated to Fighting Obesity
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 1 0

    Extensively trained to care for metabolic and bariatric surgery patients in Santo Domingo, the weight loss clinic understands that weight loss is a journey with absorbing and complex challenges, and is prepared to help every patient accomplish their weight-loss goals one-by-one. more
  • Brazilian Plastic Surgeon Reveals Keys to Excellence in Patient Satisfaction
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 3 0

    The top plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Ronaldo Passalini in Brazil has revealed the keys to gaining excellence in quality and patient satisfaction. The partnered medical provider attributes commitment, teamwork, and dedication — the top sources for the clinic’s high quality and patient satisfaction. more
  • Serum IVF Clinic in Greece Redefining Fertility Tourism with More Effective Treatment
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 1 0

    Serum IVF Clinic continues to be Greece’s leader for fertility treatment. The high-tech fertility center has a live birth rate significantly higher compared to the national average. Using a unique combination of leading-edge medical technology and entrusted emotional support that, the IVF Clinic in Athens is prominently favored for couples struggling with infertility. more
  • Romanian Dental Clinic Taking the Fear Out of Traveling Abroad for Dental Treatment
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0
    Recently, the leading dental clinic in Romania unveiled a plan to drive prolific change in the dental tourism industry. The dental tourism manager of TDC is dedicated to arranging each patient’s drive to gain the perfect smile — from dental appointments and accommodations to sightseeing tours in more
  • Infertility Treatments on the Rise in Dubai
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    For many years, Dubai has been a leader in the field of reproductive medicine. Clinical teams of medical professionals have been providing the latest in reproductive treatments to families across the globe. Fertility clinics in the United Arab Emirates have come together to send a message of promise... more
  • Can Hungary Become the Top Medical Tourism HotSpot
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 5 0

    Backed by heavily government-supported healthcare systems, dental clinics and plastic surgery clinics in Budapest are finding great success in the medical tourism industry. Some of the top medical providers are reporting significantly increased revenue growth in the first quarter of 2015. more
  • Shedding Pounds in Mexico
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    While the main goal is to shed pounds and reach a healthy state — the most recent healthcare study is embracing the similarity between aging and bariatric surgery. However, the real question still remains — how can I afford it? more
  • India’s Top Plastic Surgeon Providing Distinct Platform for Beauty Beyond Skin
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 258 0

    Recently recognized for their ongoing commitment to providing superior patient experiences, Ojas Aesthetic Clinic in Hyderabad, is providing a distinct platform well-known for beauty beyond skin. more
  • Fertility Clinic in North Cyprus Bringing Hope for Your Family
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 13 0

    In addition to being very emotionally challenging, infertility treatment can be expensive. Fertility clinics in North Cyprus want to help couples overcome the challenge. The Ada IVF Center Cyprus provides infertility patients the gift of life — the opportunity to have a healthy baby by offering affordable and predictable fertility treatment packages, fertility expertise, and elite donor services. more
  • Top Fertility Clinic in Mexico Offering Affordable IVF Treatments
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 12 0

    So, where do these couples find fertility refuge? Mexico’s top fertility clinic gives way to the beautiful and historic city of Puerto Vallarta. Famed as a premiere resort destination, the historic city is home to an iconic fertility center. The LIV Fertility Center arranges affordable, accessible infertility treatment at a fraction of the cost of IVF in the United States. more
  • Bariatric Surgeons in Santo Domingo Helping Patients Say Farewell to Obesity
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 1 0

    Bariatric surgeons in the Dominican Republic are using this evidence to encourage patients to say farewell to obesity. The vast improvement in surgical techniques ensures superior results, since more than 90 percent of weight-loss surgery today is achieved using minimally invasive procedures —  smaller incisions and fewer complications. more
  • Bariatric Surgery in Tunisia Giving Patients a Path to Health and Happiness
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 83 0

    Weight loss surgeons in Tunisia are stepping up to the plate — to help patients through a personalized weight loss surgery program with long-term results. The weight loss clinics have helped thousands of individuals reverse obesity with successful results from gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and revision weight-loss surgeries. more
  • Tunisia Celebrating Success of Practiced Orthopedic Surgeons
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 2 0

    The capacity to replace joints, repair fractures, perform minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures, accelerate rehabilitation and recover patient mobility has prominently progressed over the past decade. Providing consistently excellent surgical outcomes, Tunisian orthopedic surgeons are at forefront of their field. more
  • Mexico Changing the Dental Tourism Landscape with Affordable Treatments
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    Today, more Americans are traveling to Mexico for dental tourism than ever before. According to the national research group 'Patients Beyond Borders', in 2014 alone, more than half a million Americans were expected to travel for dental care to destinations such as Costa Rica, the Philippines, India and —the dental hotspot destination of Mexico. more
  • Bulgaria Paving Its Way to the Top of the Medical Tourism Industry
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    Bulgaria has the competitive edge when contending for the trust and respect of those 1 million medical tourists. Proving their revolutionary determination to provide affordable services, plastic surgery clinics in Bulgaria are giving patients cost-effective options with the highest quality assurances of the European Union regulations. more
  • South Korea Becoming Most Desired Destination for Hair Loss Treatment
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    South Korean hair transplant professionals are doing more research than ever to invent hair transplantation procedures that are minimally invasive, producing subtle and natural results, and most importantly — lasts a lifetime. more
  • Hair Transplant Specialists in Dubai Providing Unconventional Hair Loss Treatment
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 142 0
    With world-class health facilities, proficient doctors and globally accredited hospitals, medical tourists are drawn to Dubai for a multiplicity of procedures, including treatment for hair loss and infertility. Renowned hair transplant surgeons at Dubai Hair Transplantation Center are extremely experienced and are continually creating ground-breaking treatments in hair more
  • Israel Medical Services Playing Key Role in Attracting Tourists
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    According to global data published last week by the Medical Tourism Association, the most attractive medical tourism destinations in 2014 were Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, Singapore and Costa Rica. Before conducting the survey, the MTI deliberated on 30 countries — ranging from Africa, Asia, Central America, Middle East, South America and North America. more
  • Weight Loss Surgeons in Tunisia Reducing Adverse Health Impact of Obesity
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    As Tunisia is refashioning itself as an ambitiously modern destination, the top weight loss surgeons in Tunisia are also providing a powerful, profound presence. more
  • Progressive Healthcare Options Fueling Medical Tourism in Mexico
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    While the impeccable views of Cancun, Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Tabasco enliven the spirits of many, the country is fulfilling dreams in another way — health tourism. Last year alone, more than 50,000 Americans crossed borders into Mexico for cosmetic dentistry. And while Mexico is famed for its affordable weight loss surgeries and its stunning cosmetic surgery results, it is also gaining influence in fertility tourism. more
  • Tunisia Becoming Key Player in Progressive Treatment of Cancer
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    Are you or a loved one suffering with cancer? Do you feel that your treatment options are limited? Cancer treatment centers in Sousse, Tunisia understand that seeking help for cancer can be overwhelming — and have recently taken progressive steps to make this daunting task a little easier. more
  • Greece Offering Affordable and Innovative Fertility Treatments
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    Framed by the crystal clear waters of the Aegean and the most magnificent beaches in the Mediterranean, Greece offers more than just a holiday getaway. It is well-renowned for its full service fertility clinics for anyone who dreams of becoming a parent. more
  • Medical Tourism in Dubai Soaring to New Heights
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    The United Arab Emirates is now a commonplace for individuals to combine the perfect luxurious getaway with high-end treatments. In an ambitious strategy that will include building 22 new hospitals and the employment of more than 3,800 private-sector healthcare staff in the next few years, Dubai is set to deliver golden opportunities in the medical tourism industry. more
  • Hair Loss Surgeons in Thailand Creating Opportunity for Change
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 1 0

    Patients suffering with hair loss have the opportunity for change — as hair loss surgeons in Thailand are helping men and women create a more youthful and healthier appearance. Hair transplant clinics in Thailand are in the spotlight for providing stunning surgical results more
  • Dentists in Malta Providing Expert Dental Care
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 1 0

    Malta dental clinics are conveniently located in Valletta. Each clinic incorporate a gentle approach to oral care. The number one goal is to provide quality care to every patient who walks through the doors, and achieve this through attentiveness, open communication, and patient education. more
  • Tunisia Providing Advanced Technology in Orthopedic Surgery
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    World-class orthopedic surgeons at premier medical facilities in Sousse, Tunisia are providing patients with expert medical opinions on what is appropriate to successfully treat conditions and follow-up procedures. more
  • Philippines Giving Patients the Ultimate Solution to Hair Loss
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    What are your treatment concerns — is your hair loss due to typical male or female pattern hair loss?    Do you have age-related hair loss? Hair transplant clinics in the Philippines comprises of advanced surgical specialists who are providing stunning results in hair restoration. Discover hair restoration technology with far less discomfort, without stitches, and a significantly improved recovery time. more
  • Nicosia Committed to Providing the Highest Quality in Cosmetic Dentistry
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 2 0
    With years of extensive education and experience, dentists in Nicosia combined — focus and attention to detail — which enables them to provide the best possible treatment for patients traveling for dental treatments. more
  • Cancer Specialists in Turkey Providing Patient-Focused Care
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 1 0
    Cancer care in Turkey underlines that patients deserve respect, honesty, and compassion. The cancer specialists have faith in in making each day the best it can be and treating each patient with every available and suitable treatment more
  • Weight Loss Surgery in Tunisia Providing Long-Term Lifestyle Changes
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    Weight loss procedures in Tunisia offer patients the opportunity to control or eliminate medical conditions, such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure — which can greatly reduce both the length and quality of a person's life. more
  • Patients Inspired by Empowering Bariatric Surgery Results in Spain
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 1 0

    Spain offers a wide range of medical and surgical options to help patients become healthier and achieve their weight goals. Multidisciplinary teams in Spain include experienced surgeon, dietitians and psychologists with expertise in gastric bypass and other minimally invasive procedures. more
  • Guadalajara’s Advanced Fertility Specialists Giving Couples Hope
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    Guadalajara fertility doctors are committed to helping couples on their journey to parenthood with care, compassion and understanding. Every question is answered, concerns are embraced, and the top fertility clinics in Mexico are sharing in the joys of building families one after one. more
  • Artistic Hair Transplant Surgeons Abroad Growing in Popularity
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    Rising healthcare costs are driving patients to seek medical treatments abroad, specifically in countries like Turkey, Mexico and Thailand. Remedial procedures like hip replacement surgery, infertility treatments, and hair transplant surgery are obtainable at affordable costs. more
  • Affordable IVF Treatments Abroad Providing Unsurpassed Results
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0
    At the forefront of this highly specialized field — assisted reproductive technology — fertility specialists in Turkey, Greece, Spain, and Ukraine are highly recognized for their ability to achieve successful more
  • Spain Recognized as Top Destination for Couples Seeking Egg Donation
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    With its vibrant crossroads and an infectious appetite for epicurean pleasures, Spain has emerged as the world’s most prominent fertility destination. The modern urban destination combines high quality infertility clinics — comprehensive egg donation services and favorable costs of IVF treatments are influencing patients around the globe. more
  • Life Changing Hair Transplantation in Korea
    Posted on By By: Guest Contributor 0 0

    South Korea is comprised of state-of-the-art cosmetic hair restoration surgical facilities who are treating hair loss for men and women in record numbers. Many Korean celebrities take advantage of the professional experience offered in Seoul to maximize their appearance. more
  • Reveal Your Inner Beauty with Plastic Surgery in Tunisia
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    Tunisian plastic surgery clinics combine comfort, safety, and —satisfaction of above all else. The elite plastic surgeons in Tunisia offer the most comprehensive range of cosmetic procedures available today, including many minimal recovery options and non-surgical possibilities to restore youth and beauty to the skin, breasts, face and body... more
  • Infertility Specialists in Spain Making Parenthood Possible
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    Top fertility doctors in Spain strive to provide advanced fertility services in Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella, Murcia and Seville. Infertility clinics in Spain offer high quality labs and expert embryologists, who are available to offer a wide variety of services — making parenthood possible for many. more
  • Lithuania Offering Advanced Plastic Surgery Treatments
    Posted on By By: Guest Contributor 0 0

    Advanced plastic surgery treatments in Lithuania aim to boost the already popular trends in cosmetic surgery. In a beauty-obsessed world, the popularity of plastic surgery has seen a dramatic rise in recent years.Tautrimas Aštrauskas Clinic aims to provide the most natural results through advanced surgical solutions and is dedicated to offering the highest quality of plastic surgery in Europe. more
  • Lebanon Providing Supportive Infertility Solutions Amongst Conflict
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    In Lebanon, where longstanding tensions between Sunnis and Shiites have been intensified by neighboring conflict, fear has increasingly been on the minds of many. However, the communal commitment of healthcare and infertility clinics in Lebanon particularly, have remained supportive and resilient to help deserving individuals build families. Lebanon is privileged to have experienced, compassionate infertility specialists who are committed to the philosophy of supportive and respecting individuals medical and emotional needs. more
  • Modern Plastic Surgery Solutions in Marbella
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0
    The latest non-invasive aesthetic treatments are sizzling with refinement and maintenance, allowing more individuals to embrace their age with confidence.Today, more and more individuals are looking to cosmetic and restorative face, skin and body surgery treatments including breast implants, tummy tuck, liposuction, facelift more
  • Body Contouring on the Rise in Hungary
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0
    In Hungary, plastic surgeons are required by a stringent law to train for nearly a decade in order to become a qualified plastic surgeon — 5 years of general surgery and an additional 3 years of assistant plastic surgery. The costs for plastic surgery in Hungary, including accommodations and airfare, can still be up to 50 percent cheaper than in the more
  • Uplifting Plastic Surgery Trends in Morocco
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    Plastic surgery has made considerable progress over the last several years. Plastic surgery clinics in Morocco are devoted to rejuvenating, reinvigorating and enhancing patient’s natural beauty, while employing advanced cosmetic technology that will result in beautiful, natural results. more
  • Enhance Your Beauty with Plastic Surgery in Spain
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    Traveling to Spain to enhance your beauty gives you a sense of empowerment from the very start — and is giving patients the ultimate experience of affordability and support. With an integrated and comprehensive approach, Spain has become a prevalent destination for the art of cosmetic surgery and a leader in plastic surgery of the face, breast and body. more
  • Spain Assisting Couples Struggling with Infertility
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 1 0
    With international recognition for clinical excellence and advanced research in the field of reproductive medicine, fertility clinics in Spain are dedicated to helping patients achieve their dream of having a baby. Why should you choose Spain for IVF treatment? more
  • Facial Enhancement Procedures in Mexico Continue To Grow In Prominence
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    It is a remarkable development — as world-renowned facial plastic surgeons are offering noteworthy, innovative services and results that are unsurpassed. Plastic surgeons in Mexico have been respected, recognized, and awarded for their expert knowledge in surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation... more
  • Tunisia Becoming Recognized Leader in Hair Restoration
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0
    Individuals struggling with hair loss are striving to fit into an “appearance conscious” society. Tunisian hair loss doctors are helping individuals across the globe gain back their confidence and security — and achieve natural results from cutting-edge hair transplant more
  • The Gift of Laser Eye Surgery in Tunisia
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 183 0

    Eyesight is a gift that is truly sacred, and should never be taken for granted. Unfortunately, the loss of vision can be extremely varied and range from conditions affecting the eyes to conditions affecting the visual processing centers in the brain. Have you or someone you know considered laser eye surgery? more
  • Thailand Experiences Rapid Growth for Plastic Surgery
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    With a radical investment in medical facilities and programs concerning health and wellness, the appeal for plastic surgery in Thailand is increasing. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), Thailand is exploding onto the medical tourism scene — and the opportunities abroad are massive. more
  • Profound Impact of Fertility Clinics in Nigeria
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    Nigeria is Africa's most populated nation with over 150 million individuals. Plagued by infertility, the demand for infertility clinics to heighten education and offer affordable treatment is at an all-time high. Experts say infertility is twice as common in Nigeria when compared to the US and the UK.... more
  • Passport for Dental Care Savings in Egypt
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0
    Conquering attractive, perfect traits is a dream for many of us. With the costs of dental care at an all-time high, that perfect dream can be tormented by a crooked smile. Is your passport worth a brighter smile? Dentists in Cairo offer expertise in restorative, and preventative dentistry for adults and children. The goal for Cairo dentistry is to provide oral care in a relaxed atmosphere where the well-being of patients is the number one more
  • The Strength of Dentistry in Morocco
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0
    Moroccan dental clinics offer compassionate, personalized care — but will the price tag motivate you to travel to this fascinating land? There is a great story to be told about dentistry in more
  • Creating Smiles in Tunisia
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    Where can individuals find dentists who are continually refining dental costs to meet the demands for every budget, encouraging nutritional improvement and promoting healthier lifestyles?

    Burrowed deep into the Mediterranean jewels ... more
  • Gentle Dental Care in Greece
    Posted on By By: Kai Wade 0 0

    The future of dentistry has arrived - at Gentle Dental clinic in Crete.

    As soon as you set foot inside the state-of-the-art dental clinic, you are surrounded by expert specialists who are dedicated to providing you the most pleasurable dental experience.

    Gentle Dental is integrating dentistry into comprehensive health care and an increased focus on the relationship between oral health and overall health. more
  • Restore Mobility with Mexico's Orthopedic Care
    Posted on By By: Guest Contributor 0 0

    The need for an orthopedic procedure can be a distressing event in patient’s life. With pain, discomfort, immobility increasing, leading to decreased quality of life and loss of financial savings, orthopedic patients are exploring alternative avenues to expensive and inept health care in their home country. more
  • Legal Surrogacy Programs Available in Mexico
    Posted on By By: Guest Contributor 0 0

    It’s seldom the first choice for those seeking to have a family; but when all options end in despair people can turn to surrogacy.

  • South Korean Government Backing Medical Tourism and Quality Control
    Posted on By By: Guest Contributor 0 0

    South Korea’s tourism organizations are planning to attract more foreign medical tourists in an effort to capitalize on the country’s rapidly growing tourism industry. According to data by the state-run Korea National Tourism Organization (KNTO), the number of foreign health tourists to South Korea is estimated at 150,000 in 2012, up 25 percent from 120,000 a year ago.

  • Travel and Medical Tourism Boom to Lebanon
    Posted on By By: Guest Contributor 0 0

    The glamour of “Paris of the Middle East” might have faded due to misfortunate happenings; but it didn't take long for Lebanon to kick back into full gear with an enticing offer you can’t refuse. more
  • Spain Medical Tourism Attracting Brits and Russians Alike
    Posted on By By: Guest Contributor 0 0

    There are so many reasons to visit Spain. A country comprising of sizzling stretches of sunshine beaches located southwest of Europe. Spain offers a mélange of tantalizing tapas, Flamenco shows, alluring art scene and great gastronomical flair. Spain has always topped European’s travel charts; however the country has not tapped into the promising industry of health tourism, until recently. That is about to change with government support, aggressive advertising and mega projects coming down the pipeline. more
  • Tijuana, Mexico’s Flourishing Fertility Hub
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  • Spain Egg Donor Programs Prove Successful for UK Patients
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  • Americans Combine Sandy Beaches of Cancun with Fertility Care
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  • Infertility Tourism Expanding to Exotic Thailand
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  • Why Dental Care in Istanbul?
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