Steady Growth for Tunisian Medical Tourism Providers

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04/15/2015 | By: Guest Contributor

Building on Tunisia’s prominence for high-quality health care, more and more medical providers are being recognized for their commitment to excellence for general surgery and medicine, including weight loss surgery, hair transplantation and plastic surgery.

With a significant investment into the extensive training of doctors and surgeons — Tunisian medical providers uphold their competitive edge over medical tourism providers in India and Thailand. The unsurpassed skill, experience and technology found in Tunisia gives each patient high-quality and lasting results.

In a recent interview, Patient Coordinator Manager at Tunisia, Maha Issawi stated, "The number of medical tourists visiting Tunisia is increasing every year. State-of-the-art and resourceful clinics and hospitals combined with superior technology and versatility gives our partnered providers all the ingredients needed to continue their success stories in the world of medical tourism. Our providers are in a strong and very confident position moving ahead in 2015.”

Leading Medical Programs in Tunisia

Tunisia has established itself as a center for plastic surgery, weight loss surgery, and hair transplantation. What are the top medical providers in Tunisia offering?

Expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Kamal Larbi and his dedicated team bring an integrated and comprehensive team approach, along with artistry to the world of cosmetic surgery. The Dr. Kamal Larbi clinic in Sousse, Tunisia performs cosmetic plastic surgery of the face, breast and body. The leading plastic surgery clinic in Tunisia also provides the latest in cosmetic enhancement procedures, female vaginal rejuvenation procedures, specialized sex change services, and cosmetic surgery for men.

Dr. Skander Louhichi Weight Loss Clinic prides himself on being compassionate and dedicated to weight loss programs. Dr. Skander is one of the most experienced surgeons with a compassionate, caring and comprehensive surgical weight loss program and exceptional after-care services. The clinic offers gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric bypass surgery. The clinic in Sousse offers patients the greatest success in weight loss surgery with dramatic results, the fewest post-surgical complications, minimal scarring, and on-going care from an expert staff.

With the expertise of hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Hedi Belajouza, patients have access to artistic hair replacement — the latest, most effective medical therapies, and a convenient location in Tunisia. While many hair transplant doctors only take part in the donor harvesting and site creations, Dr. Belajouza employs his superior level of expertise in separation and placement of grafts during hair replacement procedure. His goal is goal is to provide the best hair restoration services possible — as conveniently as possible.

Tunisian Medical Tourism Steady Growth

The Arab world is one of the top growth markets in the health sector. Tunisia has become a major destination for medical and health tourism. Nearly 200,000 foreign patients visited Tunisia in 2013, according to health minister Mohamed Salah Ben Ammar.

Tunisian medical providers have also witnessed an increase in European patients, mostly for medical tourism and extravagant Tunisia holidays.

Further stating on the presence of Tunisian medical providers, Maha Issawi stated, “Aside from providing stately and sophisticated medical procedures for Europeans medical tourists, Tunisian providers are the embodiment of exclusivity at its highest level.”


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