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  • Top-Ranked Orthopedic Surgeon in Tunisia Providing Key Diagnosis of Musculoskeletal Diseases
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    Top-ranked orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Sofien Kallel, is providing patients in Tunisia with key diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal diseases. The clinic understand that male and female patients experience and react to musculoskeletal conditions differently. more
  • Tunisia Celebrating Success of Practiced Orthopedic Surgeons
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    The capacity to replace joints, repair fractures, perform minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures, accelerate rehabilitation and recover patient mobility has prominently progressed over the past decade. Providing consistently excellent surgical outcomes, Tunisian orthopedic surgeons are at forefront of their field. more
  • Tunisia Providing Advanced Technology in Orthopedic Surgery
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    World-class orthopedic surgeons at premier medical facilities in Sousse, Tunisia are providing patients with expert medical opinions on what is appropriate to successfully treat conditions and follow-up procedures. more
  • Restore Mobility with Mexico's Orthopedic Care
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    The need for an orthopedic procedure can be a distressing event in patient’s life. With pain, discomfort, immobility increasing, leading to decreased quality of life and loss of financial savings, orthopedic patients are exploring alternative avenues to expensive and inept health care in their home country. more