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  • The Rise of Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey
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    Turkey is the most prominent treatment location — when it comes to optimal destinations to combine sightseeing with premier solutions to overcome obesity at a reasonable cost. Apart from its empyreal beauty phalerate with breathtaking architectural monuments and dazzling nightlife ambiance, Turkey boasts top plastic surgeons. Plastic surgeons in Istanbul offer vast experience and artistic skills. Their commitment to patient satisfaction, dedication to excellence, and constant hunger for knowledge have gained them undeniable international more
  • Top Bariatric Surgeon in Santo Domingo Dedicated to Fighting Obesity
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    Extensively trained to care for metabolic and bariatric surgery patients in Santo Domingo, the weight loss clinic understands that weight loss is a journey with absorbing and complex challenges, and is prepared to help every patient accomplish their weight-loss goals one-by-one. more
  • Shedding Pounds in Mexico
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    While the main goal is to shed pounds and reach a healthy state — the most recent healthcare study is embracing the similarity between aging and bariatric surgery. However, the real question still remains — how can I afford it? more
  • Bariatric Surgeons in Santo Domingo Helping Patients Say Farewell to Obesity
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    Bariatric surgeons in the Dominican Republic are using this evidence to encourage patients to say farewell to obesity. The vast improvement in surgical techniques ensures superior results, since more than 90 percent of weight-loss surgery today is achieved using minimally invasive procedures —  smaller incisions and fewer complications. more
  • Bariatric Surgery in Tunisia Giving Patients a Path to Health and Happiness
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    Weight loss surgeons in Tunisia are stepping up to the plate — to help patients through a personalized weight loss surgery program with long-term results. The weight loss clinics have helped thousands of individuals reverse obesity with successful results from gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and revision weight-loss surgeries. more
  • Weight Loss Surgeons in Tunisia Reducing Adverse Health Impact of Obesity
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    As Tunisia is refashioning itself as an ambitiously modern destination, the top weight loss surgeons in Tunisia are also providing a powerful, profound presence. more
  • Patients Inspired by Empowering Bariatric Surgery Results in Spain
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    Spain offers a wide range of medical and surgical options to help patients become healthier and achieve their weight goals. Multidisciplinary teams in Spain include experienced surgeon, dietitians and psychologists with expertise in gastric bypass and other minimally invasive procedures. more