The Rise of Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey

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05/06/2016 | By: Guest Contributor

Obesity is a widespread health issue — and the extent of overweight individuals is on the rise. It is expected that 9 out of 10 adults will be overweight by 2050. Today, 60 percent of adults aged 16 and over suffer from obesity. While obesity can certainly point to the consequences of a unhealthy diet —  sugar and junk food — in many cases it can be related to genetics and family history. Whatever the cause might be, this spiraling health issue can cause undeniable threats to a person’s life whether on a health, personal, professional or even social level.

While some cases of obesity can be treated through embracing a healthier and more active lifestyle, other times it can be a challenging undertaking to overcome. In such cases, patient may be considered a good candidate for a bariatric surgery. This advanced surgical technique helps eliminate the accumulated fat effectively to give individuals guaranteed results for a more healthy and harmonious body.

It is noteworthy to mention that weight loss surgeries are not only modern methods that enhance your appearance, but also lifesaving procedures that prevent you from associated health issues. Weight loss procedures reduce a person’s risk of developing an obesity related cancer by 40 percent and the development of diabetes by 50 percent.

Demand for Weight Loss Surgery

Due to the high and growing demand for weight loss surgeries, many developed countries like the USA and the UK seize the opportunity to profit as much as possible from it — mainly by charging extra fees, which is added to the absence of health insurance program.

The soaring costs of bariatric surgeries have paved the way for new medical tourism destinations, where you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation and receive quality treatments for better life quality.

Turkey is the most prominent treatment location — when it comes to optimal destinations to combine sightseeing with premier solutions to overcome obesity at a reasonable cost. Apart from its empyreal beauty phalerate with breathtaking architectural monuments and dazzling nightlife ambiance, Turkey boasts top plastic surgeons. Plastic surgeons in Istanbul offer vast experience and artistic skills. Their commitment to patient satisfaction, dedication to excellence, and constant hunger for knowledge have gained them undeniable international reputation.

Bariatric Surgery in Turkey

A plethora of advanced bariatric surgeries are offered in Turkish clinics in order to give you the best look, boost your self-esteem and enjoy your life at its fullest. The unwavering commitment to quality treatments that encompass the patient’s realistic expectations and budget are what sets Turkey apart from other international destinations. Turkey offers the following weight loss surgeries: Gastric bypass surgery, Gastric Banding, Gastric Balloon, Lap Band Fills, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Duodenal Switch, and Gastric Placation.

Traveling to Turkey for weight loss surgery will help you enjoy a healthier life. Weight loss surgery in Istanbul is among the most effective and affordable procedures. Istanbul is a marvelous city, with its commercial and historical center set upon the European side —making of it the perfect destination for medical tourists.

Combining affordable weight loss surgery with a vacation in one of the most mesmerizing and thriving destinations worldwide is no longer a dream. Come to Istanbul and find qualified plastic surgeons who give their best to help you attain a perfect body — and a better life quality. 


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