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Dr. Halil Coskun of Obesity Solutions is one of the most reputable bariatric surgeons in Turkey, specifically specializing in Gastric Banding and Intragastric Balloon, which are both minimally invasive weight loss procedures.

Excellent especially the doctor..
April 2015
I am now enjoying my summer holidays in bikinis in Djerrba in Tunisia , I have a new body & already feel healthy and happy. One week out from Sleeve and I've lost weight but waited to see better results and here I am. I know I was overweight, obese by my weight. I wanted to get it under control now. All my life has changed , thank you thank you Houda & Professor Halil Coskun and Basak for taking care of me so well all the time even after my experience in Istanbbul. Professor Halil Coskun is a very very polite and perfect doctor, he takes his time and explained evrything, when I saw him I knew that everything is going to be alright. My mummy is doing well as well and all the nightmares out. You are all professionals and I will recommand you to everyone . Bless you !
August 2014
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Weight Loss Surgery Turkey

International patients considering weight loss surgery in Turkey can now afford high quality bariatric surgery for a fraction of the price they would normally pay in their home country.

Gastric Bypass or Gastric Band Surgery are amongst the popular weight loss surgeries in Turkey. Weight loss surgery costs in Turkey are between 40-60% less than the UK, other European countries and the United States.

Choosing to have weight loss treatment abroad may raise concerns of quality and standards. However, you can rest at ease knowing that all weight loss clinics in Turkey are high standard and have high success rates.

Weight loss surgeons in Turkey work in technologically advanced operating rooms and offer international patients traveling for medical treatment to take advantage of these excellent facilities.

Bariatric surgeons in Turkey must have completed a medical degree at a recognized medical college and be registered and certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Weight Loss Surgery Treatments in Turkey

Jump-start your fitness goals today in Turkey. Weight loss clinics in Turkey offer the latest surgical procedures to treat obesity including gastric bypass, gastric balloon, and gastric banding surgery.

Gastric Bypass in Turkey:
The weight loss achieved after Gastric Bypass in Turkey helps progress or resolves many medical problems; the Gastric Bypass in Turkey is exclusively effective in the treatment of Diabetes and GERD.

Gastric Balloon in Turkey:
A successful regimen for weight loss should aid you in shedding the excess pounds and keep it off for a long period. Gastric balloon surgery in Turkey offers a clinically proven method of reducing hunger.

Gastric Banding in Turkey:
The gastric band is placed with minimal surgical trauma, allowing patients mobility the same day as surgery. Just as with any weight loss therapy, it is necessary for patients to commit to lifelong changes in diet and exercise patterns to achieve complete success with Gastric Banding in Turkey.

Sights to See in Turkey

Turkey is an enduring land of open space, massive mountain ranges, fertile valleys and rugged coastline. The country’s boisterous history has left a deep legacy.

Pause to appreciate the Sultanhan Hotel Istanbul, the most historically-significant part of Istanbul. This area is enveloped by the Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar and the Islamic Art Museum.

Enjoy the pleasing mix of ancient and modern in Ankara, Turkey's capital. Visit Kugulu Park, renowned for its elegant swans and botanical garden.

Visit the Acropolis and Asclepion and marvel at the staggering remains of a once-great Anatolian Kingdom.

Appreciate the wonder of the Anol Boutique Hotel in the city center of Bergama with Acropolis and panoramic city views and luxury services.