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09/10/2014 | By: Kai Wade | Director of Communications & Social Media

Malta has become the “gateway for comprehensive dentistry,” as top dentists aim to provide patients with the best care possible. Elite dentists in Malta specialize in implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and periodontal surgery, and are tremendously proficient in a wide range of services across all areas of dentistry.

With highly trained and experienced dental specialists, Malta Island on the Mediterranean continues to provide personalized and compassionate dental care using the latest technology. After seeing an increase in patient flow, the each dental clinic in Malta is committed to your family’s dental needs and improving your oral health and smile.

Dr. Mariano Estrada

Dr. Mariano Estrada

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
4,83 | Reviews
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I Love My Dentist Clinic

I Love My Dentist Clinic

Tijuana, Mexico
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Malta dental clinics are conveniently located in Valletta. Each clinic incorporate a gentle approach to oral care. The number one goal is to provide quality care to every patient who walks through the doors, and achieve this through attentiveness, open communication, and patient education.

Spotlight — Demajo Dental Clinic

From single tooth restorations to full mouth restoration programs, the Drs Demajo Dental and Implantology Clinic in Malta delivers astounding, beautiful smiles and gives patients a new vote of confidence. The spa-like dental atmosphere was founded by Pasquale Demajo in 1919.

Backed by skill, experience, and an overall commitment — using a unique combination of science and dental artistry — the Demajo Dental Clinic will transform your smile. Dental patients from across the globe are immediately welcomed inside the clinic and offered massaging thermo-regulatory dental chairs that ease tension during treatment.

The fully-integrated on-site laboratory at Demajo aids in the construction of all-ceramic teeth and other modern treatments. Treatments range from conventional to the latest in cosmetic dentistry, implant surgery and tooth whitening procedures.

Improving Smiles and Lives

More than 9 in 10 Americans agree that your smile is the most important social asset, and three quarters of them agree that an unappealing smile damages an individual’s careers.

The results from an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry poll show that many individuals are not happy with their own smiles. "As a society, we are very smile conscious," stated Dr. Ronnie Myers, a Professor and Vice Dean at Columbia University's College of Dental Medicine.

While the vast majority of individuals seek cosmetic dentistry for aesthetic purposes, it is a key step in improving one’s overall dental health.

“A person with malocclusion, or a misalignment of teeth, who turns to an orthodontist or cosmetic dentist will likely end up with a prettier smile. But straighter teeth also will be easier to clean, potentially leading to better oral health,” stated Dr. Myers.

Myers suggests that patients ask several questions to help them decide if cosmetic dentistry is suitable for them, including:

• What is your reasoning for it?

• Why do you believe I need it?

• Is it strictly cosmetic or are there health benefits for me?

• What are risks and benefits of it?

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