Mexico Offers Surrogacy for Gay Italian, Spanish and French Couples

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09/18/2013 | By: Guest Contributor

A certificate on paper is a good place to start. However beyond all the debate about marriage equality, gay parenting is plagued with many challenges outweighed not just by cultural constraints, but also by the lack of legal gay surrogacy providers.

Heterosexual or same-sex couples-- the most integral building block of any family is love, but when unique challenges are added to the equation, the path to parenthood are paved with many obstacles.

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For gay couples, surrogacy is a method to conceive a child that is biologically connected to one or both partners via the fertility procedure of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Surrogacy is an emotional and finacially challenging option for same-sex couples to start a family-- but in some cases, it is the only option for parenthood. The escalating costs involved, and the constantly changing nature of the practice make it an uphill struggle.

Gay intended parents from the UK, France, Italy, and Spain are the most affected by the complexities of surrogacy laws in their countries, due to the lack of dedicated legal framework to allow same-sex couples to find surrogate mothers and build a family of their own.

Courts and legislatures in Europe are grappling with the legal complications of surrogacy arrangements and each country remains a labyrinth of legislative patchwork when it comes to gay surrogacy laws.

India has made headlines since the begining of 2013 for repealing rights to gay surrogacy, leaving thousands of gay singles and homosexual couples with banished hopes of family building.

So where would same-sex couples and gay singles turn to for legal gay surrogacy?

There are numbered surrogacy destinations for international gay men and lesbian couples that are adequately equipped to help intended parents navigate the legal, societal and medical practicalities in a supportive environment for both surrogates and intended parents but only one stands now above the rest...Mexico.

Building Family Equality in Mexico

Mexico is one of the permissible locations for surrogacy and fertility treatments overseas. Gay couples and singles intended parents from international destinations are essentially entitled to the same set of rights and choices in assisted reproductive technologies as any other couple.

CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico specialists will accompany you every step of your family building journey, from the moment you visit the practice, to the first moments you welcome your baby to the world.

Gay surrogacy experts at CARE are well-versed in all the legal aspects of surrogacy and offer services that are only accessible and tailored to your specific needs.

With the help of a dedicated CARE surrogacy lawyer, you will comprehend all the legal proceedings to surrogacy in Mexico, your child’s nationality and immigration and the process you need to go through after the birth to secure your status as a family and to bring your baby home safe and sound.

Gay surrogacy foundations in Mexico wholeheartedly represent support and compassion for individuals who seek to celebrate the new life of their baby.  

Gay surrogacy Mexico strives to provide every individual and/or couple of the LGBT community with love, support and respect and provide valued family building structures and the tools to achieve their dreams of parenthood.  

If you wish to learn more about the surrogacy programs being offered by CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico feel free to contact them directly at:
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Mexico: +52 55 4741 1475
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