Legal Surrogacy Programs Available in Mexico

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05/03/2013 | By: Guest Contributor

It’s seldom the first choice for those seeking to have a family; but when all options end in despair people can turn to surrogacy.

After many failed IVF attempts, or due to genetic complications or disease, a woman may find that traditional fertility treatments are just unsuccessful.

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The same is for gay couples who wish to have a baby but are incapable of conception, might seek surrogacy options for family building.

Being a surrogate mother pertains to a woman’s selfless act of carrying a baby for another individual or couple who are unable to get pregnant.

Childless couples that seek surrogacy are often faced with many challenges, one of those being, finding a legal and safe surrogacy destination. Making the decision to pursue surrogacy abroad is a difficult one and should be approached cautiously.

The first step couples need to take is to research respective country laws governing surrogate practices. Every country has its own specific laws regarding surrogacy, each law can be different and written more strict or lapse depending on the location.

The only one true difficulty is the ability to leave that country and enter one’s own country without legal restrictions and with the proper names on the birth certificates.

Patients embarking on the life-altering journey of family building are often rewarded by the surrogacy program offered at CARE Surrogacy Center in Mexico.

Surrogacy programs in Mexico are embraced by legal, safe and affordable practices and one of the most prevalent destinations for building a family for Americans, Canadians, Australians, Italians, and couples from Spain.

Fertility doctors in Mexico, surrogacy legal teams and journey coordinators will craft tailor-made programs to perfectly meet your needs and budget. A dedicated Surrogacy Lawyer will schedule your program and arrange all the protocols ahead of your arrival.

CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico is located in Villahermosa, Tabasco, the only legal location in Mexico for surrogacy and currently the only agency with a developed surrogacy program.

Surrogacy practice in the state of Tabasco is generously permissible. It is established in the 92nd Article of Tabasco Civil Code that: in the case of children born as a result of the participation of gestational substitute mother, parenthood will be presumed by contracting parent when he/she registers the child’s birth.    

Benefits of Traveling for Surrogacy in Tabasco, Mexico

  • Surrogacy is legal in Tabasco. CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico is supported by an expert legal team who will guide you thought every step of your honorable voyage to parenthood. This includes understanding the legal implication of each unique surrogacy process.

    The permissible surrogacy law in Tabasco enables same-sex couples, heterosexual couples, single men and women to be  blessed with one of the wonderful gifts in life—being a parentent.
  • Surrogacy in Tabasco is affordable. CARE Surrogacy agency empathically understands that one cannot put a price tag on parenthood.  The cost of fertility care and surrogacy can have a detrimental impact on the limited financial options. To that end, Tabasco CARE Surrogacy allows you to save up to 70 percent on third-party treatments.
  • Convenient and accessible location. Villahermosa, Tabasco is ideally situated in one of Mexico most convenient and accessible locations in Mexico and North America.
  • All your travel needs are catered for. CARE Mexico surrogacy center doesn’t leave anything to chance and always considers your travel needs and travel arrangements. That’s why travel specialists at CARE Mexico Surrogacy take care of travel plans; from your flight booking, airport-to-clinic transfers to the time you check out from the hotel after a successful surrogacy process.
  • Family building for all. Surrogacy programs in Tabasco extend love to all individuals—Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexuals, single parents or same-sex couples enjoy the same set of surrogacy choices in Mexico.
  • Superior Success Rates. Demonstrated by cutting-edge medical advancements in third party reproductive medicine and ongoing enhancements in clinical and laboratory techniques, CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico steadfast achieves remarkable results and high success rates in healthy live births. 


Third party reproductive treatments in Mexico encompasses a wide range of surrogacy programs such IVF with surrogacy, surrogacy with egg donation and surrogacy with sperm donation—employing the latest advanced technologies to provide intended parents with the most fulfilling and comfortable experiences possible.

Nonetheless, pregnancy success rates for surrogacy in Tabasco are achieved based on a group of contributing factors specific to each patient’s unique circumstances.

At the helm of the fertility Tabasco team is Dr. Adrian. He is one of the most acclaimed and accomplished IVF doctors in Mexico, backed by several years of experience in private practice and embodies the best talent, the best science and know-how with an outstanding attention to detail.

Dr. Adrian is supported by success rates that are empowering intending parents and providing value for future parents to travel to Tabasco and see their dreams come true.

Another important leading role played in the success story of surrogacy in Tabasco is Ivan Davydov.

An in-house CARE legal coordinator and reproductive lawyer, Ivan Davydov is educated, trained and well-versed in all complex matters related to surrogacy involving heterosexual, lesbian and gay parenting.

Surrogacy options in Mexico provide you with the miracle of childbirth and having the family that you have always dreamed of.


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