South Korea Becoming Most Desired Destination for Hair Loss Treatment

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01/14/2015 | By: Guest Contributor

Hair signifies one’s youth, health, and stylishness — it’s a monumental identity in itself. Hair is an expression of how a person wants to appear to others, and it is most often the first thing another individual notices about you.  

What happens during a typical hair growth cycle? Hair grows for a period of time, usually 2 to 6 years. Follicles then begin shed the hair and go into a rest stage for approximately 3 months, then a new hair growth cycle begins.

While it is normal to lose between 50 to 150 hairs per day from normal shedding, an increasing amount of men and women are finding themselves anxious and toppled by the first sign of abnormal hair loss.

South Korean hair transplant professionals are doing more research than ever to invent hair transplantation procedures that are minimally invasive, producing subtle and natural results, and most importantly — results that last a lifetime.

Spotlight — Hair Transplant Surgery in South Korea

Korean hair loss specialists hold advanced training and skill in hair transplantation, providing technical and artistic talent to create natural looking and completely undetectable new hair. 

FORHAIR Hair Transplant Group Korea is one of the top Hair loss treatment clinics in the world with three clinics in Seoul, Daegu and Busan providing the highest quality hair restoration treatments with a highly experienced staff and medical team.

As the leading clinic for hair loss treatments in Korea, numerous Korean celebrities have visited the clinic to take full advantage of their appearance using successful FORHAIR treatments.

Why Choose FORHAIR?

Patience is a Virtue – and we take the time you need

Provide satisfaction with unparalleled levels of experience

Innovative and continual hair loss research

Modernized hair transplant technology.

Top-Rated Institution

The FORHAIR team is directed by President and Medical Director, Dr. John P. Cole. He has more than 20 years’ experience in medical business. The hair loss clinic specializes in performing FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplantation Surgery using an exclusive CIT® (Cole Isolation Technique) — a technique recognized internationally as one of the leading techniques in FUE surgery. The CIT® technique has recently been recognized with the prestigious 2013 Golden Follicle award.

10 Myths and Facts about Hair Loss

More than 50 percent of men over the age of 50 have some form of hair loss. Let’s take a look at hard science to expose the myths and facts on hair loss today.

--Hair Restoration Never Looks Natural — Myth.

--Baldness Comes From Your Mother’s Genes — Myth.

--Pull Out a Grey Hair and Three More Will Grow — Myth.

--Mistreating Your Hair and Body Can Cause Hair Loss — Fact.

--Wearing a Hat Causes Baldness — Myth.

--Propecia Gives Positive Results — Fact.

--Your Can Prevent Hair Loss — Myth.


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