Fear the Dentists no more: Dental clinics are now like Dental Spas

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01/24/2011 | By: Guest Contributor

The field of cosmetic dentistry is no longer characterized by an approaching dentist with an intimidating drill. When patients undergo cosmetic dentistry procedures, they can now expect massage chairs, aroma amenities, stereo headsets, sedation treatments of their liking, and even beauty procedures.

In an effort to enhance customer service within the dental industry, more and more cosmetic dentistry clinics are incorporating spa-like treatments into their work.

The transformation comes at a time when studies increasingly show patients’ negative associations with the dentist’s office. Many people avoid proper dental care because they associate dental treatment with pain, anxiety, and long waiting periods. In addition, many Americans avoid unwanted trips to the dentists to circumvent paying for dental care that is not covered by insurance.

As a result, dentists need to redraw their marketing strategies to attract patients.

Dentists are increasingly strategizing new ways to eradicate the negative connotations surrounding dental treatments. In fact, a dental professor at King’s College London’s Dental Institute came out with a new device this moth targeted specifically to cancel out the noise of the dental drill. The prototype device is similar to noise-cancelling headphones and facilitates relaxation by allowing patients to listen to soothing music of their choice.

The idea of ‘dental spas’ is intended to reduce anxiety by distracting the patient from the dental treatment. Patients can undergo invasive dental treatments such as bone grafting or root canal treatment while relaxing in a massage chair or enjoying a foot massage. Someone undergoing sinus lifting or wisdom tooth extraction can wake up from their treatment with newly manicured nails and a warm beverage.

One no longer needs to suffer from stress when scheduling his or her next appointment. Rather, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that is becoming increasingly common in dental clinics. Patients can now turn their dental fear into dental excitement.

Perhaps pearly white teeth will become more common as people stop avoiding the dentist.


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