Dubai Emerges as Dream Plastic Surgery Destination

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05/17/2016 | By: Guest Contributor

Plastic surgery is more than a mere enhancement of the appearance. It is an art that requires refinement and much skill from the surgeon to be successful in rejuvenating your skin and letting your natural beauty bloom. The growing demand for plastic surgery has made of it exceedingly challenging to cherry-pick an excellent surgeon who is capable of both rejuvenating your traits all while keeping the natural touches of your quintessential beauty.

Dubai has dawned on the international level as one of the few captivating destinations for medical tourism and has become known as the world’s plastic surgery hub. According to CNN, the plastic surgery boost in Dubai has ended the epoch for patients traveling miles away to Brazil, Beverly Hills and Beirut for the latest trends in plastic surgery.

Board certified Plastic surgeons in Dubai are well famed for their competencies and professionalism, not to mention their high qualifications in performing various plastic surgeries using the latest methods — while respecting international healthcare security standards and requirements. The reputation that Dubai has gained in the industry of plastic surgery is crystal-clear as it attracted over 12.2 million international tourists in 2014, compared to Lebanon at only 1. 3 million.

Advanced Plastic Surgery Treatment in Dubai

Dubai has always marveled tourists with lavish and dazzling lifestyle, its deluxe hotels, museums, and shopping malls. The sumptuous mosques spreading there are part and parcel of the beauty of Dubai. Visit Jumeirah Mosque — one of the most beautiful mosques that are open to international tourists of all faiths.  Nowadays, combining vacation with plastic surgery in Dubai seems a quite intriguing idea. Especially that plastic surgery centers in Dubai hire only the cream of the crop of international English speaking and highly qualified plastic surgeons dotted with a vast deal of experience.

Dubai plastic surgeons proudly offer optimal plastic surgeries for a more beaming, youthful and long lasting beauty. Plastic surgery experts are committed to excellence and understand thoroughly the constant concerns for both men and women to stay in shape. A myriad of premier surgical solutions is made at the disposal of international patients.  

The breast is part and parcel of the feminine beauty. In Dubai clinics, breast implant and breast lift can be coupled with other surgeries such as tummy tuck to give you a smoother and more feminine body. Liposuction is a very common procedure and can be performed along with other plastic surgeries such as cellulite removal, abdominal etching, Buttock lift, thigh lift, or arm lift. Plastic surgeons in Dubai demonstrate also a high level of skill in performing various facial surgeries, which can also be coupled with other plastic surgeries: face lift, brow lift, lip implant, nose surgery, cleft lip repair, ear pinning, eyelid lift, chin implants, cheek implants, Hymenoplasty, Varicose Vein removal, and forehead lift. Other optimal plastic surgeries provided at Dubai clinics are: Botox, male breast reduction, nipple reduction, Brazilian Butt lift surgery, Vaginoplasty, Mommy makeover, and Laser Lipolysis.

Embark on one of the most unique experiences ever with affordable plastic surgery treatment in Dubai to regain your age and beauty.


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