Hymenoplasty in Dubai

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AB Health & Beauty Clinic is one of the highly regarded plastic surgery clinic in Dubai, specializing in an extensive variety of genital aesthetic surgery treatments to make you feel and look your best. Some of the treatments offered by the clinic include vaginal rejuvenation, vaginoplasty, and labiaplasty.

Hymenoplasty in Dubai

Hymenoplasty is a genital cosmetic surgery procedure designed to restore the hymen in the female vagina.

Hymen repair surgery is performed at the request of someone who needs the procedure for cultural, ethnic, or religious purposes. Hymenoplasty also aims to repair a torn hymen due to accidental tears.

Although highly controversial, hymenoplasty is one of the easiest and safest cosmetic surgeries, due to its rapid recovery time (only hours), enabling patients to return to their daily routine almost immediately.

Plastic surgery UAE personnel understand the discreet nature of hymenoplasty and treats it with utmost confidentiality.

Plastic surgeons in Dubai are highly qualified cosmetic practitioners and have a proven track of performing genital cosmetic surgery and hymen restoration treatments to patient’s satisfaction.

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Cost of Hymenoplasty in Dubai

The cost of Hymenoplasty in Dubai is significantly affordable for US and European patients. Dubai is a free-zone city, meaning all private practices do not pay tax to UAE government, which allows plastic surgeons from all over the world to maintain a presence in Dubai. That said, the overall cost of hymenoplasty surgery in Dubai is up to 70 per cent cheaper than in the US and Europe.